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Becoming a Mother - By Rebekah Turner

Becoming a Mother:
Photo by Paige Maitland of Lightnest Collective
I became a mother at the young age of 19. Unlike what most people think, my husband and I wanted children young. It is a decision I don't regret. Regardless of what some people might say, I don't believe anyone, anywhere is ever prepared for the changes a baby  brings to your life. I have been friends with Mothers of all ages and life stages, the struggles expressed are almost all the same. Motherhood is a universal experience. We all wonder if we are alone in our struggles. Sure, everyone talks about the sleepless nights, the spit up on clothes and the loss of privacy but those are things you get used to and can perhaps, be prepared for. The things you can't ever be prepared for are the moments...even days when you wonder why you ever chose this. You wonder how you will ever make it. But those moments, those times, they pass. They pass, but they can be overwhelming. And that is true regardless of age, social status or income level. There are definately pros and cons with different ages and situations but mostly, being a mother asks only resolve to love unconditionally. That is something you cannot prepare for. After all, how can one ever be prepared for such deep love? The overwhelming moments are when you feel like you have given all you can but it is not enough. When you feel worried or scared, terrified something will harm your baby. When it is hard to sleep at night if they aren't right beside you.

Photo by Paige Maitland of Lightnest Collective

I can't tell you how many times I have been going through a rough patch and the words and comments of people who meant well come to mind. I have thought that I might enjoy my life more if I had waited to have kids, I might be a better mom if I was older, more experienced.I guess I keep coming back to this but it does seem as though there is this constant fear that maybe I really wasn't ready for this. Honestly though, I know deep down inside that this is right. I'm sure you will have those moments as well. And you will wonder if you made the right choice, when you did, to have a baby. You will wonder if you are going to ruin your child for life. Don't second guess yourself. There wouldn't have been a better time to have a baby. These things would be hard regardless because having a baby means being selfless. This is the most demanding, challenging and rewarding job of your life. You will be forever changed. You won't ever be the woman you were before you had a baby, but thats okay because you won't want to be. You will watch yourself grow right alongside your baby. You won't be able to explain to others how it feels your soul with contentment and peace when you watch your child sleeping. It's not only relief that your child is (finally!) asleep, it's a deeply felt relief and joy that they are safe, warm and happy. When they smile at you, its the same feeling. Being a Mother is simple but not easy. To nurture another for as long as you live. I think that it is the most vulnerable state you can ever be in. But you see, in true vulnerability lies fulfillment. The deepest, most sincere form of fulfillment. And it is worth it. It's worth every tear, every night out missed, every tantrum in a restaurant. You may question yourself then, but at night when all is calm, you will have peace and know this is right. Take comfort in those moments and remember them when the season is hard. You will experience a love more powerful than ever before and you will love your baby with everything in you. I truly believe it is what gives my life, and every other mother's life, meaning. Congrats to your beautiful family.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me Cecilia!

  2. bekah, such beautiful, true words. i'm not a mother and probably won't be one for quite some time but i can feel the love shining through your words. i think about my own mother's constant love when i read this, especially the line "to nurture another for as long as you live." how profound and incredible that is.

    lovely photos. looking forward to checking out your blog!


  3. I love this post! So beautifully written. Will definitely go to her website :)

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  4. Great post, and you are so right! I have friends who want to wait until they are older, until they have more money, until they do this or that but in the end, if you want a baby, then you just have to jump in and have faith it'll all work out!