My Favorite Moment During My First Week of Motherhood - By Mikelle Mann | Dearest Lou

My Favorite Moment During My First Week of Motherhood - By Mikelle Mann

Hi! I’m Mikelle. I blog over at The Honeypie Archives. I’m a wife to a Marine, and a new mother to little Jack, born October 13th.
It’s hard to choose a favorite MOMENT during the first week of motherhood.  There are just too many from the first week that are worth of the label “favorite.”  But, looking back on that first week, I’d have to say one of my favorite memories is the first night home from the hospital.  You see, my husband Matt had been back and forth between home and California since June for The Marines, and he was more often gone than home for a bulk of my pregnancy. We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time together the last few months before Jack was born, and he felt bad that he wasn't there to watch to my growing belly. In fact, he made it home just in the nick of time to be there for the delivery. 
So, that first night home, in our warm comfy bed, with the husband, no nurses coming in and out, no visitors, no bright lights, peace and quiet, and the baby laying in between us as we looked down at him in awe at his perfection was a moment I wish I could pause and live in forever.  I savored that night because Matt only had a couple weeks off for paternity leave before he had to head off to California once more.  Luckily this time, we are joining him, and we’ll all be together as a family.  I never knew I could love two people so much!


  1. Absolutely love this blog! ♥ To Lou, youre making me more excited to be a mom with all these posts! Im due in less than 9 weeks!

    To Mikelle - I'm sure this will be one of my favorite moments within the first week too!! :) So happy for you and your family being together! ♥


  2. This is so tender! I can't wait to experience this!!!

  3. i'm loving this series and these special moments. such a beautiful moment, Mikelle!

  4. Wow! I will definitely follow her!


  5. Once I read an article by a pediatric psichologist who was relating the Birth of Jesus with all Births. One of the things he said was that people shouldn't rush to visit and help. The Maggi arrived a few days after, and in time to honor and bless The Child... plenty for the new babies too.
    I've never read it on a mother's word but you pictured it perfectly.
    And look, Handsome Jack smilling - I'm in lala land.
    Enjoy a lot the importance of moments. They don't seem so but are all so precious and brief!
    Lou, you take care! Of yourself and your miracle...