My Favorite Moment During My First Week of Motherhood - By Kandice Breinholt | Dearest Lou

My Favorite Moment During My First Week of Motherhood - By Kandice Breinholt

hello to you! you may have seen me around this blog a few times before, as cecilia and i have been close for many years, but for those of you who haven't, i'm kandice, writer behind those who love. i write about my one year old daughter, my tall bearded husband, and the simple, thoughtful life we strive to live each day as well as all of the things we do and enjoy as a young family of three.

when cecilia asked me to recount my favorite moment from my first week as a new mother, i immediately knew just the one i wanted to share. in fact, i still lie in bed, watching as my little lady sleeps soundly, dreaming back to this one quiet morning in the hospital a little over a year and a half ago.

after giving birth to natalie and two long, peaceful (and altogether blissful) days in the hospital, i awoke to the soft cries of my hungry baby. i remember looking over at sean and seeing him in the dim warm light, fast asleep on the long chair next to my bed, so tired from staying up late with natalie and throughout the day for all of our visitors. while he was awake tending to those things, i was able to sleep when i found it necessary so i was careful not to wake him as i turned toward natalie.

she was so small with such wide eyes and puffy cheeks. her skin was a dark, cherry red and her hair looked black. she was calm, despite her morning hunger. i remember feeling so much joy lying next to her. she was finally here and more beautiful than i ever anticipated.

breastfeeding was hard for the first couple of days so i was happily surprised to find that, for this perfect hour or two when i was all alone with her for the first time, it clicked... it really clicked. i held her, stared, and smelled her brand new smell while she slowly ate. i was so close to tears the entirety of our special time together, feeling so blessed to have her and, of course, her daddy in that small room with me. within those moments, the world had stopped for us.

after she finished, we had a few more uninterrupted moments together as i burped her. we stared at one another for the longest time and every now and again she would give me the slightest of smiles. i was so excited to take her home and ready to start this new, exciting life with her.

i'm incredibly excited for cecilia and daryl, as well as the rest of their family. zaden eliot has entered this world, welcomed by so many who love and adore him. he's perfect.


  1. great moment, great post!



  2. kandice, this is beautiful. what a sweet moment. thank you so much for sharing that.

  3. So sweet. Those quiet moments with a new baby are some of the most amazing experiences.

  4. your baby is a cuties, glad you had a safe delivery:) congrats

  5. thank you for prompting me to share ♥

  6. lovely kandice! those moments are so special. i remember back when i shared similar moments with my children. those are memories to hold on to forever.

    congrats cecilia! you have just embarked on the most amazing journey of your life ;)

  7. I loved it when it clicked too! It was SO hard the first bit, it hurt so bad!

    This is lovely.

  8. Ohhh nice share! So nice of Cecilia to allow this as well. I'm sure your kids love you and Cecilia's baby will do the same. :) Wonderful hearts you two have. :)