My Favorite Moment During My First Week of Motherhood - By Abbey Rodriguez | Dearest Lou

My Favorite Moment During My First Week of Motherhood - By Abbey Rodriguez

Hello, Dearest Lou readers! I am Abbey, from Along Abbey Road, a life and style blog.
I am crazy excited for Cecilia  being a new mama and tickled pink that she asked me to share my own favorite experiences as a new mama.
Babies are miraculous, complex beings. Babies are also tiring and testing beings. I remember that first moment I sat on the couch with Luke, just the two of us. Both Matt's mom and my own had made their rounds teaching us their best-practiced mothering skills and Matt reluctantly went back to work.

There sat this helpless, wrinkly, perfect human in my arms. I was terrified and thrilled all in the same moment. I already knew him from the kicks, flutters, and rolls we shared those last 10 months, but now he was really there. Tears flooded my eyes that we had been blessed to rear and direct this amazing soul.

I will never forget the feel of Luke's silky almost translucent skin. The smell of his tiny body curled up under my chin. The softly pleading and adorable cry. The way he reached up his tiny, 1-inch hand to mine while he fed, reassuring me that I was his favorite and most-needed person in the world.

Those are the moments that we mothers live for.

Congrats, Cecilia! Enjoy that squishy, handsome newborn babe of yours! 


  1. Aww ... can't wait 'til I get to hold my own baby as well in the future. :) Thanks for sharing for Cecilia!

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  2. You two are super adorable. Having a son myself is super special. There is a wonderful bond between moms and boys that just plain unexplainable. This post is precious, love it !


  3. how lovely. your son is so sweet xx

  4. these pictures of you and your little man are adorable!

  5. Hi Cecilia! I just wanted to let you know that I saw that you won the Lovenell giveaway on Selective Potential! I know you are a new mama so I didn't want you to miss where she said it on her blog! :)

    Hooray for so many good things, and beautiful Post!
    xo Hannah

  6. I'm too young to have any kids but my nephew will be born in January and I can't wait! I am really excited to experience the feeling of being an aunty! Love the post. Very adorable!!


  7. How lovely!


  8. Ahhhhh.... so adorable! This post made me smile. :)

  9. What a beautiful post - it gave me goosebumps and put tears into my eyes (like only a mama could understand)
    Such a gorgeous mama and baba. Thank you for sharing x

  10. Beautiful post. It makes me excited to have a son soon!