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Knitted Cut Out Sweater and Gold Chains

On Thursday we are going up to Washington to visit Daryl's family. We are traveling on an airplane with a three week old, anyone have any tips? I'm hoping the flight goes well and that if I breastfeed or have his pacifier in during departure and arrival that it will help calm him down while his ears adjust to the pressure. Thursday is also mine and Daryl's one year wedding anniversary! Man did this year fly by and so did my pregnancy. If you would have told me at this time last year that I would be a mama to an almost 1 month old I wouldn't have believed you. It's funny how life works out sometimes (;
Outfit details: Sweater, c/o Chicnova// Skirt&Gold Chains, Forever 21// Shirt, c/o Kingdom & State//Heels,(buy them here for $8.65!)// Lipstick, Lancome Retro Rouge


  1. You look stunning! Love the turquoise and red together its one of my favorite color combinations. Good luck on your trip :)
    xo Hannah

  2. You look gorgeous mama! Those shoes are fantastic :)

  3. HAHA!

    natalie and i are skimming through this post and she's all

    "sassy! sessy! shessy!"

    it took me a minute to realize she was pointing at you and saying your name without my prompting! haha

    1. haha oh my gosh she is too dang cute for her own good (;

  4. Those shoes are too much fun! Love the bows :)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  5. You look so good! I'm loving those shoes!

    Good luck on your trip with the little one and hope that you have a FABULOUS wedding anniversary.


  6. mamas. you are looking absolutely stunning. i can not believe you just had your little man only 3 weeks ago!!!!


  7. I've been keeping up with your blog for a while now but I've never noticed the mountains in the background. What a stunning backdrop! I'm kinda jealous.

  8. such a cute top and skirt! great color combos :)


  9. You are just the cutest thing! Love the different colors in your outfit and the way you mix items in.
    Suggestions for flying...bring multiple changes of clothes, many sanitizing wipes, and don't have any beverages on the plane (you might be trapped under a napping baby and be unable to move!)

  10. love this outfit! washington will be fun, however i have no tips for babies, sorry. but you are the cutest mom, so you will figure it out :)


  11. Flying with a baby will probably be a lot easier than you expect. I flew alone with my 9-month old and it was a cinch. You've got the right idea by nursing/soothing with a binky. He'll probably sleep the whole flight! Just bring a couple of ziplock bags to hold any clothes that might get yucky with burps or... diaper accidents.

    Merry Christmas!


  12. Cecilia! How in the world do you live with a view like that. I would not know what to do with myself! ANd girl you are ROCKING this look. Absolutely fabulous.

  13. You look oh so chic! I love every piece! And I've heard that on planes, babies behave better if someone is always holding them? Don't know if that helps... xx

    P.S. Liked this post on Bloglovin ;)

  14. delurking to say hi. You look amazing for some one with such a young baby. The picture with the mountains in the back is lovely

  15. The color combo is very unique, but I like this soo much!

  16. You don't even look like you've had a baby. You go girl! Lovely outfit... lovely blog.

  17. the color of your sweater is just beautiful! :)
    can't believe you just had a baby. you are looking great!

  18. just found your blog your style is amazing !

    I wished I had that view outside my house !