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Zaden as of late

I wanted to take Zadens one week pictures on his adorable blanket that Kandice crocheted for him. Ideally, he was suppose to lay there nice and peacefully while I snapped a few shots.. he had other plans. Like I mentioned in my previous post he hates being cold. I don't know what I was thinking, of course he wasn't going to lay there practically nude. I did manage to get this shot and even though he is crying I wanted to share it.

Other than the occasional hungry or dirty diaper cry he seems to have gotten his daddy's laid back personality(; He's the sweetest little baby and I wish I could capture photographs with my eyes throughout the day so you guys could see what I'm talking about.

We have had nearly two weeks to get to know this baby of ours, and this is what we have observed so far:

>>He hates being cold and boy is it sad to see him shiver.
>>He has two distinctive birth marks on his eye lids. I think they're adorable.
>>He is a mama's boy. He usually won't stay longer than 25-45 minutes with daddy, grandma, grandpa, or aunt ti.
>>He is very strong. Don't let his little size decieve you, this baby kicks like no other and can almost hold up his head on his own!
>>He has light brown hair that appears to have a reddish tint in certain lighting. My mom said that I had the same color of hair when I was a newborn so we will see if it ends up darkening or staying light like his daddy's.
>>He's going through a growth spurt, he eats so much, I feel like a milk machine. His newborn clothes are still baggy and he still has the skinniest little legs (another quality he must have inherited from his daddy). However, his face is starting to round out. I wouldn't be surprised if he weighed 7 pounds at our next doctors appointment on Monday.
>>He's ridiculously cute and a the best cuddler, we love co-sleeping with our little guy.

And now I will leave you with some more pictures from last week. I'm in love with the ones of Zaden and his daddy.


  1. he's a cutie and adorable! congratulations on your newborn.we sure never want to miss any single moment with them..happy parenting!

  2. So sweet! I enjoyed breastfeeding for way over a year, it's fabulous for both of you-

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous holiday giveaway right here.

  3. Oh my! Look how big those diapers are on him! He sure is tiny! He will seriously grow so fast, especially if he is going thru a growth spurt like you said! I hope he still doesn't have his days and nights confused and that nursing is going well for you! I thought the first two weeks were so hard, harder than the birth! But i had an epidural! Anyway, you're gorgeous and I love seeing you enjoy your baby!

  4. COngratulations Lou on a very very cute baby! The pics with his daddy are adorable, no wonder why you like them :)


  5. What a cutie :) Congrats, congrats, congrats!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  6. i love thee pictures.
    he is such a sweet baby.
    ill have to meet that strong little boy one day.
    well wishes this weekend lady.


  7. Aww he is so handsome! And you weren’t kidding, he really does hate being cold! I think that’s normal for newborns though, they’re just so used to being warm and comfortable in mom’s tummy.

  8. aww he is so wrinkly and cute! :) i love newborns. i'm seriously so happy for you! he's a smart baby. mamas boy <3

  9. sweet baby love, in the day to day:-) Such a special time! Soak it up! xoxo

  10. i think that first photograph of him is so sweet and delicate and pretty and just perfect. gosh, he's TINY! i'm glad he's a good little cuddle bunny for you. you deserve it!

    p.s. loving seeing your IG updates with you & zaden. they always make me smile.

  11. He is the most adorable little guy ever! Congrats to both of you again! Enjoy these moments as a family of 3. :)


  12. Such sweet pictures! Congrats again and may you always be happy as a family!

    The Clothes Muse