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A Letter from Zaden

Last Wednesday I turned 2 months old. Mama thinks I'm such a character, since I recently discovered my fists and suck on them like no other. I'm full of smiles and coo's and love having conversations with my family. I'm also a champ at bubble blowing and accidentally scratching my face, ouch! That's why I can only have my hands uncovered under supervision.

I'm a very smart baby, I recently discovered that I have mama and daddy wrapped around my little finger. If I cry, mama will do anything and everything to please me. These are a few of my favorite things: mama singing me lullaby's,  mama cuddling/nursing me to sleep, seeing dad when he comes home from work, bright lights, having my toesies played with and diaper changes.

I've had a strong neck and shoulders since birth but am now a pro at tummy time. Whenever I'm resting on daddy's stomach I lift myself up and move my head from side to side for a very long time with only a few short breaks in between. I also enjoy watching daddy play his video games. After all  I am my daddy's little exploration adviser (;

Mama's favorite moment this month was when my Aunt Ti was changing my diaper on her bed and I ended up having an explosion during the process. It was also extra special because I shared my first laugh. Mama thinks it's because I must have known I was being a little stinker (;


  1. So precious! Love his letter. He's beautiful

  2. soo adorable!

    XO Meghan

  3. haha the explosion and laugh--so funny. great timing :)

  4. Oh goodness, he is a little cutie pie!!!! Love the letter :)


  5. Zaden is adorable! <3 What a great way to remember all of the stages!


  6. he is beautiful...

    btw if you want to be apart of some love sharing in this Valentine's month be sure to check out my latest post and join in :D


    xoxo, Miss B.

  7. You're little baby is such a sweetie! So happy that you're lovin being a mommy :)


  8. He is THE cutest little guy ever!!

  9. Gosh your little man is gorgeous. he totally melts my heart. isn't motherhood just the best thing ever?

  10. Oh my gosh...he is the cutest!! you lucky girl :)

  11. when I first started following you I was in love w.the fact that you were pregnant & sharing it with us. You're baby is adorable & I am really happy for you & that you chose to share your child with us as well.