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Dani's Birthday Celebration

My lovely friend Dani turned 25 a couple of weeks ago and we finally had the opportunity to get together to celebrate last Friday. I took her out to one of my favorite place's Paradise Bakery and Cafe. We had an amazing time catching up and just doing our own thing. The people around us probably thought we were nuts since we kept laughing and talking about silly things (;
After dinner we stopped by Baskin Robbins to get a little treat and headed back over to my place. I rented Pitch Perfect but when we walked into the movie room, Dani noticed my DDR mats and told me she wanted to try it out. I was shocked that she had never played before and showed her the basic concepts. I guess both the tutorial and I sucked at explaining the game because she didn't get it until the fifth or sixth game and once she explained to me what she had been doing I just about pee'd myself! After a few intense games of DDR, Zaden joined us and we finally started the movie.

Simply put, it was a wonderful evening.


  1. Your evening sounds so fun! I love your hat, does it have a polka dot ribbon? :)

  2. sounds like so much fun!
    and your friend is adorable!
    also love pitch perfect.
    and i suck at ddr


  3. Cute pics, lady.

  4. Girls Night Out's are always fun :)
    Looks like you two had a great time!