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Lace Dress and Galaxy Leggings

It's really hard to find time to blog during the day with a little one. I'm thinking that from now on I will have to get my posts ready during the middle of the night and have them scheduled for late morning. The weather has warmed up about 20 degrees this last week so even though we took these pictures in the snow I wasn't cold until about the end. 

I decided I wanted to join in on the fun mama style link up that 8 fashionable mama bloggers are hosting on their blogs this week. Each hostess shared 3 items she believes must be in every mama's closet. These are my three items:

no 1.// a pair of leggings
no 2.// a swoop neck dress or baggy t shirt
no 3.// a cute pair of booties

Since becoming a mom I don't dress up near as often and I've bought a lot more leggings. A lot of my old jeans don't fit over my new hips and I'm not sure if they ever will. So instead of going out and buying more jeans I've been buying cheap fun print leggings and maxi skirts. It feels way more put together than a pair of sweats and is just as comfy. I recently bought this pair of galaxy leggings at forever 21 last week! Unfortunately they are sold out online but I'm sure you can find some at your local store (; 

I always wear leggings with a dress or baggy shirt to cover my bum. I like my clothes to be nursing friendly so I generally look for a button up, swoop neck, or baggy shirt I can slip Zaden under. Sugarlips recently sent me this gorgeous lace dress and it was the perfect outfit to wear out on our family date! Last but not least no mama should go throughout winter without a cute pair of booties! This pair is from
Outfit details: Dress, c/o Sugarlips// Cardigan, XXI// Leggings, XXI// Booties, c/o Lulus// Necklace, Charlotte Russe


  1. yep, that fringe at the bottom of the dress is gorgeous and i love it.

    also, i stay up way into the middle of the night to get posts out too. in fact, i have aaall of february completely scheduled already thanks to one particularly long night. don't know how anyone would do it during the day! (though, actually, i think it's crazy you don't seem to have more time on your hands... sean and i felt like we had a ton of time between naps when natalie was new!)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those leggings! I need a pair sooooo bad! Love the fringe too :)


  3. those leggings are amazing!!
    I love your style :)

  4. Fun leggings! Also, I think when I become a mom I would want to be wearing maxi skirts and dresses a lot too. Although they might not be too friendly when it comes to running after the little one. Hmmm so maybe on days when I won't be running around as much then :P

    xx Megann / STYLE SURGERY

  5. You are gorgeous! Love the dress. I feel like I say this to you every day but you definitely have the motherly glow :)

  6. I love that lace dress! And your little baby is so adorable! They grow up way too fast! My son is two already and everyday I swear he grows several inches! I'm also a Mormon fashion blogger living in salt lake so it was a fun surprise to stumble upon your blog! Can't wait to read more!!!
    Xoxo, Mariasha

  7. I am so jealous of that leggings find! I have wanted galaxy leggings forever but they are so expensive where ever I find them! PS I love that last picture of you. Too cute.

  8. You are the cutest. Two thumbs up on the outfit. :)

  9. I LOVE the leggings! And you are so pretty! Cute dress and nice lip color!

  10. I've been trying to figure out what looks so different about you lately and today I realised when I was looking at your welcome photo, it's your longer fringe. It frames your face differently now and it makes such a big difference :)

  11. I love this outfit, you look really lovely.

    Zoe x

  12. you are adorable! such a pretty dress! xo

  13. So cute! I cant wait tell I can start wearing leggings again :)
    Thanks! :)
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  14. Looking like a pretty mama! I love that lip color on you! I live the galaxy leggings, im behind on that trend I need to get me some! And that lace dress is so pretty dressed up or down! I love it!

  15. those leggings are out of this world :) I really do love them! super cute!

  16. You look great! Loved this look. Your necklace is quite the statement piece!
    The Introverted Brunette

  17. You look adorable, I can only imagine how difficult it is to blog with a little baby around! You go girl! I too love leggings but only with a shirt that is long enough to cover my bottom! I just purchase my very galaxy print piece of clothing the other day and can't wait til it arrives (I'm a bit late to the party!) Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  18. I love that cardi! you are so darling! :)

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  19. Those leggings are so fun! And I really like that necklace!


  20. I abosolutely love women's galaxy and space leggings they are such a sick trend! But they can get pretty expensive and shipping can cost a lot; when I buy they give me free shipping haha ;P