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Sunday Best with

(Pictures from last Sunday)

I'm a bit behind on outfit posts, every time I sit down and start to blog, Zaden decides that it's either play time or nap time. Nap time at our place consists of Zaden latched on to me and cuddling and if I try to secretly de-latch the little guy, he wakes up. I've tried giving him a pacifier and that only works about 25% of the time. It's a bit frustrating at times but I honestly love spending most if not all of my time with the little guy. 

For the next couple of days, I will probably be posting twice a day so please bear with me. I also wanted to let you guys' know that I'm still reading your blogs, I haven't been commenting very much lately because of the lack of time! Once I get Zaden on some sort of schedule I will be a better at responding to emails/commenting like I use to!
Recently got this dainty mustard coat from Lulu*s and LOVE it! If you haven't already noticed, I'm a bit obsessed with the color yellow and usually incorporate something yellow into my daily outfit. The lining of this coat is floral and has me excited for Spring! This striped dress from Lulu*s is everything I expected and more. I was so excited to wear it to church last Sunday. The dress was a little bit short for bare legs so I wore a skirt as a slip underneath. I also recently bought these flats on sale at Charlotte Russe, they had a buy one get one half off on their clearance items! They are sold out of the cobalt blue online but I linked the teal version at the bottom of this post if you are interested.
Outfit details: Dress + Coat, Skirt, Old// Shoes, Charlotte Russe// Necklace, Old// Lipstick, Lancome Brun Rose 

Happy Sunday friends! 
Be sure to stop by later for my 52 post (;
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  1. I'm in love with that yellow coat! Too cute! I especially love it with that dress, I would have never thought to add a skirt for added length and warmth!

  2. i love your dress! it looks like you should be wearing it to sail away to somewhere exotic. :)

  3. You look so cute! I am obsessed with mustard as well, it just makes everything look better, right? I'll have to go check out that dress on Lulu's:) As for Zaden, as a suggestion (and please ignore me if you want!) I used the book, The Baby Whisperer, to sleep train my kids and it worked wonders. They both slept through the night (7pm-7am with a dream feed at 11pm) at 12 weeks. It looks like you are doing wonderful and Zaden is SO adorable! Enjoy the baby cuddles while you can:)

  4. I love everything about this outfit!

  5. What a cute outfit!
    One question: there is snow and you are bared legged, aren't you freezing?

  6. I love that whole outfit! Such great color combinations.

  7. Love the coat - looks perfect with the dress and slip too :)

    Sam Muses xx

  8. you look adorable in that dress! and that mustard coat... don't even get me started. i want a mustard coat/cardi so bad! haven't found the perfect one yet but when i do, i'll be sure to natch it up :)
    sounds like zaden loves time with his mama <3

  9. Oh, dear, it's so cold to take off the coat!=*** I love the mix of royal blue color and a mustard shade of yellow one!=) So cozy ^^

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    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  10. I really like your dress :) you look so sweet :)

    The spot xx

  11. gorgeous coat. you look fantastic.
    i hope you are able to get baby Z on a schedule soon, for your sake, im sure you need the rest you new mama.


  12. Love the color of that coat!! Especially with the red lip.

    Happy Sunday, dear!

  13. You look beautiful, as always! I had to laugh though...go look at my post and see what I'm wearing :)

  14. Such a cute jacket. I too love yellow and love incorporating it into my outfits :)

    Inspirations by Kayla Rae

  15. that dress is gorgeous!

  16. That coat is adorable!! Love me anything mustard :) Except for real mustard the condiment that is...haha!
    I hope you can make it to the Francesca's Valentines Blogger Bash! Check out my blog for more info :)

    Bri Rios

  17. That dress looks amazing on you and I love the mustard paired with it! Glad you are enjoying time with your little guy!


  18. Oooh I love the stripes dress Cecilia! I'm having this thing lately about stripes hehe. Sooo cute! :)

    Happy weekend!

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  19. Ah you are brave! I looks so cold with the snow and you take your coat off! Oh the these we do for our blogs! Lol
    xo jess

  20. You are such a fabulous mother... absolutely glowing! And this dress is so adorable on you!

  21. I love mustard coats! I'm on the lookout...come see me at my blog sometime :)


  22. I love, love, love, this look! The skirt layered underneath the dress is genius! It gives it character and that extra "poof"! The color of the coat is so cute too; I wish I could rock yellow but the undertones of my skin are so yellow that I end up looking like a banana!

  23. Cute dress! It looks great with the yellow :)

  24. This coat is amazing! Love the color. I wish I could wear more mustard.. It doesn't look good with my skin tone for some reason.. Boo! And did you check out my giveaway? I'm giving away an HTC One X+! Maybe you need a new one? Don't you have that phone already? haha!

  25. Mustard and stripes.are an awesome combo!! I love this coat, its gorgeous! And those shoes are the perfect complimenting color :)

  26. Love that striped dress! And I'm always adding a skirt under my dresses-so great for adding modesty!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  27. super cute dress and coat!

  28. I love how you layered the skirt under the dress. I often do that too, but I have never tried it with a more modern looking dress. Too cute!