Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thoughts on January

January is probably my least favorite month of the year since the holidays are over and the only things I really look forward to are New Years and Daryls birthday which are towards the beginning of the month.

Sometimes I wish I lived in a state that was always warm. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow and all the winter layering that comes with it, however, it really isn't baby friendly. I get so jealous when I read blogs or see pictures on instagram of babies around Zaden's age who are outside and enjoying some vitamin D. I personally feel that I'm better at taking pictures outdoors versus indoors, something I really need to work on but I can't seem to get myself to take the time out of my day and learn. I'm sort of in this lazy rut that I can't get myself out of.

Whenever Zaden and I go out to run errands or for our weekly (lately monthly but we're working on it (; ) visit to Kandice's it's in and out of the car as fast as possible. I know next year will be better when he's over a year old and is curious about the snow but I wish I could get some cute outdoor pictures of him at this age. I mean after all he will only be this little once.
Lulu's.com recently sent me this very pretty hi-low skirt. I love the funky print and that it isn't too short in the front. It was the perfect thing to wear over the weekend since it was fairly warm for Utah, I'm pretty sure it was a little above freezing. 

I have been wanting minnetonkas forever and was so happy that Daryl bought me some for Christmas! These ankle boots go with everything and are super comfortable. I swear since I had Zaden my feet went up in size on some shoes so we went with an 8 to be safe. They're a little big but roomy enough for thick socks. I was reading online beforehand and some people were having troubles keeping the zipper up in the back so if you're going to buy some I would personally recommend going up half a size to avoid that problem.

I can't even express in words how amazing this maternity top is from Kingdom and State, even if you aren't expecting I would recommend buying it since it's long enough to cover your tush with leggings. Whenever I go shopping I'm always on the hunt for longer shirts and they're really hard to find. So whether you are pregnant or not this is a great basic tee for layering!

JMR an awesome boutique based out of Mexico sent me this gorgeous peridot on metal chain necklace! I love how simple the design is and that I can wear it with nearly everything in my closet. There will be a great giveaway later tonight for those of you who are interested in winning an amazing set of two necklaces (one stone and one engraved)!
Outfit details: Shirt, c/o Kingdom & State// Skirt, c/o Lulu's// Necklace, c/o JMR// Moccasins, Minnetonka// Lipstick, Lancome Brun Rose

There is less than 20 hours left in the competition, I could really use your final vote here! I'm currently 5 votes away from 15th place and would be honored to be in the top 15. Lets give this a good final push (;


  1. Girl I'm a lifelong Utah girl and every January I too wish I lived in SoCal. Darn you snow. But man you already look fantastic after the arrival of little Z! Congratulations!

  2. I love your skirt! it goes really well with your moccasins :)

  3. lovely outfit ;D

    cute mamma :D


  4. haha you're lucky that you can go out with bare legs though! I have to layer way up here ;)

  5. Super cute boots! I absolutely love fringed boots :) They're so casual yet chic. I can't wait to start seeing photos of Zaden outdoors too. Have a lovely day :)

    xx Megann / STYLE SURGERY

  6. I actually had to go down a half size in my minnetonkas. My zippers are fine... once in a while they will slip down a tiny bit but only like half inch. Looooove love that skirt!

  7. I actually had to go down a half size in my minnetonkas. My zippers are fine... once in a while they will slip down a tiny bit but only like half inch. Looooove love that skirt!

  8. I feel so spoiled sometimes, my babies were both born in Florida and neither wore shoes till they were one. My daughter thinks her February birthday is in the summer since we always have a cookout:) We are (probably) moving up North this summer and it will be an adventure for sure. Love the Minnetonka's...aren't they so comfortable?!

  9. Oh my goodness your skirt is so gorgeous! I've been looking for some longer length skirts, will have to go and check out Lulu's! I only recently found your blog, and love it so much!


  10. love that skirt! :) and I know what you mean about outdoors pictures - it’s minus 30 Celsius up here and I’m wondering whether next week’s outfit pictures are going to happen at all! Indoor photography is really challenging unless you’ve got a proper little studio set-up going on (which I don’t!) Sigh.

  11. looking gorgeous girl! can't believe you just had a baby! xo


  12. Those moccasins are SO cute! I love 'em! You look so pretty in that skirt too!!


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