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Tulip Festival with Whitney + Arlo

A little over a week ago we met up with our friends Whitney and Arlo and attended the Tulip Festival. The weather was so beautiful and I wasn't anticipating it to be so warm outside. I completely forgot to put sunscreen on both Zaden and I. Luckily I kept Zaden covered up while he nursed and throughout the day so he didn't get burned and I just got a slight farmers tan (; 

This was the first time Arlo and Zaden met. Arlo was the sweetest little guy and kept wanting to hold Zaden. We thought it was so funny because there is probably less than a 10 pound difference between the two of them (;  Zaden hasn't interacted with very many boys his age and he really enjoyed hanging around Arlo. We had a great time walking around, talking, and taking a breaks every now and again to attend to our little boys needs. 

Here are some pictures from our afternoon:


  1. Zaden is THE cutest baby ever! And you're one gorgeous mama

  2. Dang. I have never been to the tulip festival but it is absolutely gorgeous! I hope I can go someday! And seriously, Zaden is just so stinkin' cute!

  3. sad i wasn't there! love these flowers and photos of two of the cutest boys i know!

  4. OMG he's sooo adorable!!! mine is already one year and two months
    and still didnt have this kind of beautiful photos like yours. enjoy your motherhood.xx