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Just the 3 of us

One of the greatest joys of Kandice's pregnancy this time around is that Zaden and I get to spend some extra quality time with Natalie while Kandice goes to her prenatal appointments. I really look forward to spending this time with her and watching both her and Zaden build a stronger friendship. She's extremely adorable with him and is always wanting to help me take care of Z. I seriously need to get these two on video someday.. it melts my heart. I know she's going to be such a great older sister once Liam arrives.


  1. Ok, so both Josh and I just cannot get over how cute Zaden is! If our little guy is half as adorable as yours, we will definitely have achieved something ;)

  2. aw, they're adorable!


  3. my god.

    these photos warm my heart! i just laughed and laughed at the one shot of her pointing at him... imagining all kinds of things she might be telling him to do ;)

    thanks for taking these and watching my girl! love you two.

  4. Love how you and Kandice are best friends :)