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Visiting my Grandma's the Saturday before Mother's Day

The Saturday before Mother's Day was beautiful. The weather is the prettiest towards the beginning of May and I absolutely love the spring breeze that helps cool one off when in a shaded area. As a few of you might remember, my Grandma Carol passed away last May and my Grandma Marti and Great Grandma Donda passed away back in 2009. We went to visit their graves in Tooele and Provo and brought them some lovely flowers for Mother's Day. 

Even though they've passed on, it's such a blessing knowing that I will be reunited with them again someday. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without each of their wonderful examples. It's fun to look back and remember all of the frolicsome memories I share with each one of my grandmas. I miss them terribly but am endlessly thankful for the blessing of eternal families.


  1. I lost my grandma ten years ago. It breaks my heart that she never got to see me graduate get married or meet my son. But I have always felt her watching over me and I know she would be so proud. What a special day for you!

  2. I love this. This is so sweet you have pictures. Z is getting so big, and so dang cute. He is such a good mix of you two. And I am always so envious of those with close ties to their ancestors...what a blessing!

  3. Haha Z in those sunglasses!
    I love that you went and visited their graves:) It is good to let Z know how important they were to you. I am going to be so sad when my grandmas leave me. I hope I am able to have kids before they do!
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  4. i love the photo of d and z on the ground! and the last family photo too. such a sweet family ♥