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Z at 6 months

Z turned six months old on the 23rd of May. I can't believe how fast that half a year flew by, he will be one years old before I know it.  

Zaden loves reaching out for anything I'm eating or drinking. We decided it was time to give him his first little bit of rice cereal and boy did he like it. I haven't been very good at pumping milk for his rice cereal and nursing is so much more convenient but we will continue to try and  add a few solid foods here and there throughout the remainder of this month. I also started giving him a few ounces of water through a straw and he loves doing whatever I'm doing, he was delighted (to say the least).

We have continued to work on tummy time but he still isn't taking to it. I try putting toys in front of him hoping he will try and crawl towards them but he's a tricky little mister and decides to flip over to his back and inch worm towards them instead. However, he can sit up completely on his own as long as there is something he wants to grab in front of him. We incorporate little sitting exercises during our play time in order to help him sit up for longer periods of time on his own. I know that he is strong enough, the problem is he lacks balance and he's a wild little thing and doesn't like to sit still (;

Zaden loves to be outside. If he is ever fussy indoors and isn't hungry or tired I know that going on a walk around the block will do the trick. He loves sitting/laying on blankets with mama, evening walks, swinging at the playground, watching older children play, and watching the cars go by. However, he hates being outdoors if it is too hot or if the sun is in his face. We tend to only go outside if the weather is on the cooler side or in the evenings when the sun is going down.

Zaden has developed a real laugh. I don't know how to explain it other than that but it's the most adorable little laugh I've ever heard. He is ticklish under his armpits, neck rolls, tummy, and thighs. I spend a good majority of our playtime tickling him and making ridiculous faces and noises in order to hear his sweet laugh. However, no one makes him laugh harder than my mama. He may have found his voice last month but boy does this baby know how to be loud. Whether its laughing, screaming, crying, or having a conversation with me, this little guy is noisy. He likes to mimic those around him whether it's making silly noises, clapping, or clicking his tongue. I'm almost positive that Z knows I'm mama and that Daryl is dadda because he will only make those noises when looking at us. 

My favorite thing about Z at this age is that he is so loving and caring. He will try and stroke my face in order to wake me up in the morning and once I do I see his loving gummy grin. I love his big slobbery open mouth kisses that he randomly gives me throughout the day. Our special bond is unbreakable and I love looking into those little eyes knowing that I can comfort and unconditionally love him no matter what.

Zaden's outfit: Tank top, Nordstrom (similar here)// Shorts, OshKosh