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Polka Dots and Salt Water Sandals

Polka dots are easily one of my favorite prints to wear. I'm personally a fan of little white polka dots as you can see in my fedora and blouse. I completely forgot I had this top until I was shifting through my closet looking for all my polka dotted pieces. I wanted to wear something breezy, simple, and that I could wear throughout the day. I bought this dress on Lovenell shortly after Zaden was born but have always worn it as a top. There's no way in heck that I could pull this off as a dress.. have you seen these mama curves?  This top was perfect since it is adorable, functional for nursing purposes, and matches perfectly with my new Salt Water Sandals.

I had been wanting a pair of Salt Waters since Spring but I didn't want to pay over $30 for a pair of sandals. However, I regret not buying these sooner because they are so comfortable and I've worn them almost everyday since I got them. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I also got a matching pair for Zaden next year.. yes, I'm THAT mom. There are some wardrobe pieces that I think are worth paying regular price for and a durable versatile pair of sandals is definitely in that category.

I have been searching everywhere for a pair of snug fitting bermuda shorts but hadn't found a pair that fit me perfectly. My younger sister Tiana came up with a clever idea earlier this summer to search all the sale racks for jeans and turning them into shorts. All of the jeans I've found have been around $5-$10 for a new pair of shorts! I felt so clever going into Gap and walking right past their expensive shorts and heading towards the back of the store and walking out with 2 pairs of pants that would ultimately become perfect length and snug fitting shorts. These pictures were taken before I cut them a  bit shorter and hemmed them just in case you noticed they are a little crooked ;P

Outfit details: Shirt, Lovenell// Shorts + Necklace, gifts from sister// Hat, Charlotte Russe// Salt Water Sandals, Nordstrom

PS: I love my boys.


  1. Cute post.

    Loves. RJ


  2. great pics and love those sandals! xo


  3. I love your brown saltwaters! I have a pair of red ones and I'm obsessed with them! I was also nervous to spend that money on sandals but now I realize it is because they are super comfy and last a long time :) and great idea cutting some pants to make Bermudas! I have been in search for a pair of Bermudas so I may have to try this :) great style girly!

  4. love polka dots!!! I love this look, sooo cute and breezy for summer! Ive been rocking my fedora almost everyday this past week!

    Bunnies and Pearls

  5. i'v considered doing that, but then i always remember that i hate shorts haha, so i never do it.


  6. this sounds weird probably, but i really like your photography! it's different from other fashion blogs. also, i really like your necklace.

  7. It's super cute! I love polka dots as well. :)


    Ana Paula

  8. How clever are you! I just bought a pair of longer denim shorts from Target and adore them. I don;t feel self conscious in them like I do sometimes in shorter ones:)

  9. Loving that polka dotted shirt! It looks super cute with those sandals
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  10. Hey,
    great outfit and sweet pictures! :)


  11. Oh my goodness, I know I've been saying this a lot...but your hair just looks so incredible!! Also, that top is adorable!! I can't believe it was meant to be a dress, it'd be one tiny tiny dress!


  12. ooooh, the brown version is really nice! i have saltwater sandals too, but mine are white. :)

    <3, Mimi

  13. Where did you find those saltwaters?! I want some so bad!!!!