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.. We're back

These two are thrilled to be reunited, look at those smiles (;

You may or may not have noticed things have been quiet around here for the last couple of weeks. We took a vacation to Washington state and Oregon at the end of this last month and just got back late last night. I have been doing some serious thinking the last several months and am thinking about turning this space into solely a personal style blog and starting another one to fill with lifestyle posts. The big question is whether or not to make that one private. I feel that it's hard to mesh both things into one which explains my lack of blogging. What are your thoughts?  


  1. I tried doing that but found I was never updating the personal blog at all! It's also kind of nice to feel like you can have the freedom to do personal posts on a style blog. I think it makes it more interesting, you get a better all-round feel for the person and what they're really like. If it's just fashion all the time it's a big "same old, same old". But that's just my opinion ;)

  2. I think it's ok to share some things but I would always have the fine line of what to share and what not to whether its private or not.

  3. I am in the same boat. My husband just told me the other night...have just one blog! Share your life, but the really personal stuff doesn't really need to be shared online. If you love blogging just do it all! Two blogs is too hard to keep up with. I ended up not blogging at all. Hopefully I get back on the swing of it soon!

  4. I agree with Katie. If you stopped blogging all together I would miss your style posts most but I'd miss both and wonder what you were up to. I think bleubirdblog does a really good job of both.

  5. lifestyle posts are my favorite. I hope that you don't turn one into solely a fashion blog! Good luck with your decision!

  6. I did notice your absence!

    The blog situation is a tough one and I bet you will figure it out. :)

    I have a private family blog in which I share my life with my family in more detail, and post pictures of my family activities. What I have in my public blog--style, make up, hair, nails, random thoughts, occasional life happenings, are nothing personal. I don't post pictures of my daughters or my husband, neither are their names on my blog. They are my treasure, and I want to keep them safe. I sense that that is your dilemma here, am I right?

    Truth is, even though the blogging community is full of wonderful people, we never know who is lurking in our blogs, without leaving any comments, and just looking at the pictures we post of our loved ones. We must protect them, especially the little ones. :)

    Welcome back! :)

    Ana Paula
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