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Baby Wearing, Thrifting, and Adorable Baby Moccasins

I finally finished editing my blog. I was getting sick of the outdated photo on my sidebar along with a few other things. It was definitely time for a change. I honestly didn't get around to doing any of it until the wee hours of last night. I didn't even have an idea of what I was going to do and while I was editing these pictures for today's post my statement necklace inspired me.

These pictures were taken about the time I started to notice Zaden was teething. He was extra fussy and would only be happy nursing, being held, or in our carrier. I seriously don't know how other mamas get things done around the house without one of these. I was fortunate enough to find one secondhand on KSL Classifieds for only $30 when I was in my third trimester. I really want to buy another one though, preferably a silk Sakura Bloom Sling , I've only heard good things about them from a few of my virtual mama friends. Put simply, baby wearing is addicting and I want ALL. THE. SLINGS. (;

I thrifted this skirt on our vacation and absolutely love it. I own a moss green skirt similar to this but it's currently a bit too small and not near as comfortable. I was happy to find this little gem for $3 to replace it in the meantime. Also, a couple of months ago I decided to splurge and buy Zaden some adorable handmade moccasins from Feather and Filly. I love small business' and the mama behind Feather and Filly is an absolute doll. She is always more than willing to answer customers questions, is a great business woman, and does all of the work by hand! I can't imagine sewing hours and hours on end, this lady has got skills (; Not only are her prices affordable but her moccasins stay on Zaden's feet, which to be honest is a miracle. 

What I wore: Top, Gap// Skirt, thrifted// Necklace, Wholesale// Boots, Steve Madden via Nordstrom// Maya Wrap// Lipstick, M.A.C. Polished Up via Nordstrom

What Z wore: Red & White One-Piece, Baby Gap// Moccasins, Feather and Filly


  1. You are the most stunning mother. Love this outfit.

  2. Zaden is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen! Loving the look, always look fantastic:)

  3. i love love love the new layout! i wish i was talented enough to redo my blog.. and your shoes?! amazing! happy monday pretty mama!

  4. You are beautiful as always sweet momma! And the new layout looks fab! x

  5. What's the verdict? Comfortable? I've actually read a lot of mixed reviews, so I'm very curious. :)