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Ivar's Seafood Bar

On our vacation we ate a ton of delicious food, let's just say I came home a whopping 6 pounds heavier! One of my favorite places we went to was Ivar's Seafood Bar in Seattle. Ivar's has the best fish and chips and the original location is in the heart of the Puget Sound which is one of my favorite areas in Washington. The seagulls are also quite entertaining and are always calling out for food. Zaden wanted to try feeding the seagulls but they were scared of him and would fly away. Maybe next time they won't be so scared (;


  1. I knew the place looked sooooo familiar! I love going to Seattle's Piers!

    Jan Loves

  2. such lovely pics!

    your little angel is growing up so fast!


  3. Yummy Ivar's is SO good!!! When I was in Seattle I ate there multiple times! You're making me want to book a trip to Seattle :) And Zaden with his french fry is too cute!


  4. gorgeous photos -- looks like you had an amazing time! xo


  5. oooh i went there a few years ago - loved it! gorgeous photos! XO!