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Long Beach, Washington

Towards the end of our Washington vacation we went on a "mini trip" with my in-laws to a couple of beaches, one of which was Long Beach, WA. It was so nice spending extra quality time with my in-laws before we headed back to Utah. Before our vacation it had been years since I had visited the beach and this would be Z's first experience so I was super excited.

Zaden adored the beach and didn't act surprised in the slightest when we let the cool waves crash over his chunky little legs. In fact, he kept on insisting that we let him in! He's a little fish at heart, this baby loves the water. I'd say it was a successful first trip to the ocean, with many more to come (;


  1. What beautiful pictures! You have a lovely family, this post was so heart melting.

    Gracious Silhouettes

  2. So cute! I live right by long beach ca didn't know there was one in wa too!!

  3. So much blue! These pictures are gorgeous, I especially love the first one of the colorful houses! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    x Hannah


  4. gorgeous photos -- looks like you had a lovely time! xo


  5. HOLY GORGEOUS!!! I want to be at that beach, like, NOW. The pics of you and Zaden playing in the water are to die for! :) SO freaking cute! I've never been to WA and now I really want to go! And I want to live in one of those fun colored houses....so awesome!

  6. Beautiful photos. Looks like a nice mini-vacay!

  7. that colorful house is beautiful!