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Brown Fedora and Denim Dress

I've wanted a denim dress for a few months now but didn't want to spend over $40 for an item I wouldn't wear weekly. Zaden and I finally ventured off a couple of weeks ago and went thrifting for the first time in months. It was a successful shopping trip and I spent a little under $30 for several items. I had a 20% off coupon the day I went and I only spent a grand total of $2.40 for this dress.

This dress is so dang comfortable.. probably because it's at least 6 sizes too big. If I'm not wearing it with a  belt it looks like an over-sized muumuu dress. I would eventually like to take in the sleeves and take it in a few inches around the waist. However, Zaden is at a stage where he constantly needs attention and wants someone to play with him. So my dream of re-fashioning this into a perfect denim dress won't be happening any time in the next few weeks (;

I improvised by safety pinning it in the back and belting it with my new favorite belt. After taking these pictures I rolled up the sleeves so that it didn't look as silly. Do you ever buy an item that is too big in hopes of re-fashioning it one day?

What I wore: Dress, thrifted// Belt, Forever 21// Tights, Urban Outfitters// Boots, Forever 21// Fedora, Forever 21// Lipstick, Lancome Amande Sucree


  1. Cecilia, you look so gorgeous! That dress looks perfect on you! And YES applying for shopportunities is so easy on Social Fabric!! So far I've done two campaigns with them, and I've been a member for less than a month. Doesn't hurt the wallet, ya know? ;) Definitely apply for campaigns that you feel will suit your blog! Email me if you have anymore questions :)

  2. You look gorgeous! I love this outfit :) also is this your neighborhood? Those mountains in the background are lovely!!!

  3. That's such a bargain! I think the dress looks nice with the belt!
    PS: You have the most beautiful view!
    -Olivia. xx

  4. I always think sewing projects are going to take forever to do so I put them off, until I decide "what the heck!". I once altered a dress similar to that, to an extremely fitted cut in 15 minutes before church. Just go for it!

  5. Super cute!!
    No, I don't usually buy things that's too big, but that's a great idea!
    Wishing you a wonderful week! xxx

  6. That dress is just so adorable! You just look so cute in everything!