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Firmoo Glasses Review

I was recently contacted by Firmoo to do a glasses review. For the past several months I have really wanted a pair of round seventies inspired sunglasses like these.  I went with this style since it was most similar to what I was looking for. You can take any glasses frame and add tinted lenses free of charge. I asked a representative how much I should tint it, went with their advice, and sent in my order.

The glasses came relatively quick and the packaging was so nice. All of their glasses come with a durable soft and hard glasses case in order to protect your new eye wear. They also come with a cleaning cloth and a little kit with extra pieces just in case something breaks.

I was excited to try them on and wear them out. Unfortunately, they were so unflattering on me! So unflattering that no one except my husband, Zaden, and sister will be the only living souls to see me in them (; I immediately emailed them back and they apologized and said that I couldn't return them since they were custom made and the odds of someone ordering the same glasses is rare. I completely understood and thanked them for their time. However, if I would have purchased these sunglasses as my free pair of sunglasses for new customers they would have reimbursed me.

These particular glasses have a very thin frame, I honestly don't think they are very durable. If you order from Firmoo, I would recommend ordering glasses with a thicker frame. I wouldn't dare recommend glasses with a thin frame to anyone who has a baby or toddler. They tend to be so grabby with their tiny hands.

The biggest problem with this particular style of  eye wear is that the circles are way too close together, small, and look goofy on me. I think they are meant for someone with a slender facial structure or child. I don't want them to go to waste, once Zaden is about 3 years old I will hand them down to him and he will rock these sunglasses. 
Overall, Firmoo's customer service and packaging are great. I'm sure that if I would have ordered glasses with a thicker frame and bigger lenses I would have had a better experience. If you haven't ordered from them before everyone gets their first pair of glasses free. All you need to do is pay shipping and handling so it's definitely worth a try.

Have any of you ordered from Firmoo? What was your experience?


  1. I've ordered from Firmoo 3 times already and I love all my glasses from them. My boyfriend got a pair similar to these from them the last time we ordered. I wasn't sure, but when they came they actually really suited him. I really want to get prescription sunglasses from them too some time.

  2. I love Firmoo, everything I have gotten from them is great. I hated spending so much on perscription glasses.