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Sunday Style on a Thursday

As soon as Zaden became mobile, my Sunday style changed drastically. I use to wear lots of accessories, pencil skirts or a fitted dress, and high heels that I could barely speed walk in. However, I learned my lesson the hard way by having a little 10 month old get into all sorts of mischief while I could barely keep up with him without spraining my ankle, getting tangled up in my own accessories, or ripping my almost-too-tight pencil skirt when bending over to grab him. This was the perfect outfit to chase this little guy around the halls. Over-sized shirt, super comfortable maxi with lots of stretch, and heels I can actually run in if I need to (;

You also may or may have not noticed that I'm not wearing eye makeup. Zaden likes to sit down on the floor next to me and "help" me do my makeup by handing me different mascaras, lipsticks, etc. He usually takes off with something and I have to play scavenger hunt with him in order to retrieve said item. Well this particular Sunday he took off with my liquid eyeliner and we were running out of time so I decided to go naked-eyed.

I can't help but be matchy-matchy when it comes to dressing Zaden and I. I try so hard to not do it too often but always end up changing what I'm wearing in order to match him. Are any of you other mamas the same way or am I the only crazy one here?

What I wore: Shirt, Nordstrom (similar here)// Skirt, Nordstrom// Scarf, thrifted (similar here)// Booties, c/o Lulu*s

What Z wore: Sweater, H&M (similar here)// Shirt, Baby Gap (similar here)// Jeans, Baby Gap// Shoes, Oshkosh


  1. You look gorgeous as always! Loving the pretty color of that skirt! And little Zaden is one happy baby :) Such a cutie!


  2. I know this feeling all too well. I wear running sneakers most days when trying to keep up with Kane. He goes from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye! He is getting so big, you both look gorgeous!

  3. LOVe this outfit, you are gorgeous! AND I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR BOOTIES. I wanted them SO bad but they were out of my size!!!! love em

  4. Your little one is absolutely adorable! I love your boots and skirt very pretty!

    The Honeyroom

  5. i love your skirts and boots. i have some similar boots and love them so much :)

  6. You are so gorgeous, you def can pull off the "naked-eye" look!!! I wish I looked that good ;) And your little Zaden is adorable!! I totally know what you mean about kids being so active and having to not wear all the accessories and non-bendable skirts/dresses!! Those shoes and skirt look great together!! I am loving that fall red color this year, so pretty!!


  7. I never would have noticed you were bare eyed, your lashes are so thick you hide it well :) Love your boots and the coy smile of his!

  8. This skirt is perfection! I love how swooshy it looks! I feel like a lot of times maxi skirts can have a cheap look about them but this one just looks mega elegant! Also, it's adorable that baby Z helps you out with your make up!


    P.S. I couldn't even tell you weren't wearing any make up! You look just as pretty without it!

  9. Absolutely adoring this fall style post :] You two make quite the photogenic pair of preciousness. Those shoes are fantastic