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Z at 10 months

Zaden loves getting into everything he isn't supposed to. Some of his favorites include, disconnecting the internet so that dad gets off the computer, unplugging my laptop (this was especially a problem before I got my new battery), getting into garbage cans, trying to unplug all cords, and last but not least, my personal favorite, banging the cabinets of the fish tank while jabbering and crawling inside acting as if he is fixing the old broken filter.

This little guy is such a fast crawler. I can barely keep up with him to keep him out of mischief. I’m in big trouble once he learns how to run. He absolutely loves to pull himself up on to everything. I love watching him pull himself up on the side of his crib in between nursing sessions. He lets go with one hand and waves and gives me the biggest of grins. He has also mastered climbing the stairs but hasn’t really grasped the concept of coming down (;

Zaden has 2 full grown bottom teeth and his 2 front teeth are slowly coming in. His left one is coming in a bit quicker as you may have noticed in the pictures above. I love his little smile and can’t believe he will most likely have at least 4 full grown teeth by his first birthday. He is growing up too fast.

Solids have been a bit of a struggle. I can tell he is interested but isn't very patient with anything that isn't in liquid form. He will usually eat just about anything but within 6 seconds spit it right out. As of late I have been making him little baby shakes out of his Gerber baby food, almond milk, and fresh fruits in order to supplement some extra calories into his diet since he burns so much throughout the day. His favorite foods are honey bunches of oats cereal, chocolate rice cakes, apples, and wheat bread.

Z loves to talk and knows a little bit of sign language. He knows how to sign when he wants to nurse and he does the cutest little hand gesture when he wants you to give him something. Zaden hates getting his diaper changed and getting dressed. It’s a bit of a struggle but I’m sure this stage will get better once he understands that I’m only trying to help him.

Zaden LOVES Curious George. He loves watching the TV show, listening to books on tape, reading books, and his George stuffed animal. Whenever you start making monkey noises at him his face lights up and he begins making similar noises too. It’s the absolute cutest.

My favorite thing about Zaden at this age even though it is a bit frustrating at times is how clingy he is. I love that he always wants to be with me and that he will crawl over to wherever I am heading. I love hearing his little pant before he turns the corner and sees me in the bathroom, I love that he grabs onto my legs to raise himself up wanting to be held, I love that he tries to make me laugh and then laughs with me. He is simply the best.

Zaden's outfit: Coat, Baby Gap (last year, loving this one)// Sweater (sold out, similar), Jeans, and Beanie, Baby Gap


  1. What a cutie you have! I love that both he and the sock monkey match the quilt.

    <3 Daryl | Unlost

  2. How adorable, my daughter turned 11 months yesterday and is walking already, it's crazy how fast they grow! Xx

  3. Precious!