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Z at 11 months

Zaden's new thing is pointing at anything and everything with his entire fist. He lets you know what he wants and when he wants it. Whenever he wants something he just raises his fist and grunts, indicating that he wants to see this or he wants you to pick him up. His favorite things to point at are lights that are way to high to reach, the fans on the ceiling, and things he shouldn't be getting into.

Zaden has 4 teeth and no new ones in sight. We were having a bit of trouble with him biting me while nursing at the end of October and into November but I think I finally found a solution (thank goodness). He eats a variety of foods but this baby definitely has not just 1 but 4 sweet teeth(; His favorite foods are anything that has chocolate, his dad also let him try mini coconut donuts and he loves those too. Whenever Zaden is with me I try to serve him mostly vegetables, whole grains, and fruits so that he gets all of the nutrients his body needs. He is also nursing 3-4 times a day and "snacking" in between meals.

Z loves to climb and get into trouble. He has gotten super quick at climbing the stairs and whenever a door opens he rushes to it. He likes to do somersaults off our bed or go head first.. this boy is wild!

Zaden LOVES hats. He likes wearing them, taking them off and putting on another one, and if you so happen to be wearing a hat he will make a game out of it. Whenever I put the hats away he does his little fist point up towards my hats indicating to put them on the ground so he can play with them. If you happen to be over here during playtime Zaden will be wearing one of my hats.

My favorite quality about Zaden at this age is how sweet, loving, and helpful he is. He loves to help me fold the laundry, it's the cutest thing I have ever seen and makes my heart melt every time. He will crawl into the laundry bin, grab an item of clothing, and hand it to me. He will continue to do this over and over again until all the laundry is folded. He likes to share his food and toys with me and isn't the slightest bit selfish with anyone. He will randomly crawl over to me, stand up, and start giving me the biggest open mouth kisses all over my face. Sometimes he will even grab me by the ears and put our faces together as close as they can possibly be. I can't believe he will be one here in the next couple of weeks. This year has flown by and I will treasure these last couple of weeks of babyhood <3

Zaden's outfit: Shirt, Vest, Pants, & Shoes, Baby Gap// Beanie, Walmart (sold out online, similar)


  1. I LOVE his chubby cheeks!!!! :) Makes me happy.


  2. Your boy is as beautiful as your words on motherhood.

  3. i love these photos. I think Z needs to come and tell Ava about the joy of hats as she will not keep them on at all and i love hats.

  4. I can't believe how much he has grown up! Such a cutie!