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My Little "Ham"

Zaden loves attention. He does the most adorable little gestures and tries to help me with everything. If he see's me folding the laundry he hurries to "help" me. He also likes to "sweep" and feed me instead of feeding himself.  I love it when he does something to show off and waits a few seconds to get a reaction from me or whoever he is showing off for.

However, has never been satisfied being left alone for more than a couple of minutes without having some sort of interaction from me. It has been really hard to adjust to only getting the wee hours of the night or early morning to get things done that are impossible to do with an attention demanding toddler. Don't take me wrong, I love everything about Zaden but some days are harder than others.

I remember thinking that things would be easier once he could walk around and do things by himself. However, he isn't satisfied unless he has someones attention and that someone better be playing with him. I have a feeling that he will be a very social and friendly individual that loves being in the company of others. 

I mean.. look at that smile, he is such a little ham (;

What Z wore:
Plaid Shirt: Baby Gap
Sweatshirt: Carter's 
Jeans: OshKosh
Shoes: Baby Gap


  1. What great pics! he is so sweet. I think my little guy is going to be the same, even now he prefers interaction with us over playing with toys!

  2. He is so cute <3 you are so lucky to have this little one.


  3. I adore his shoes, he is really lovely little boy :))