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Zaden and his Mittens

I took Zaden on an afternoon walk a couple of weeks ago right after he recovered from his cold. I didn't want him to get sick again so I put some mittens on his little hands. I was expecting him to immediately take them off but to my surprise he loved them. When we returned from our walk I wanted to snap a few pictures of his outfit and he insisted on keeping them on. This guy has so much personality and his big smiles melt my heart every time (;

Zaden's outfit details:
Hat & Mittens: Baby Gap 
Shirt: Baby Gap 
Sweater: Baby Gap
Pants: Baby Gap
Moccasins: Freshly Picked


  1. he is such a doll! whenever i put mittens on brooks he chews on them until they are soaking wet haha. zaden and brooks need to be friends :) also i love your door!

  2. He is seriously so cute, I just can't get enough!

  3. Oh my heck he is such a little stud. That dimple though!

    xx Lauryn

  4. Oh my goodness...your son is so stinkin' adorable!!!! <3