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Family Hike

I've never been much of a hiker but it's an activity I've always been interested in. Living in Utah there are so many beautiful mountains and hidden treasures to discover. I seem to take the beautiful scenery for granted and don't do much exploring. Daryl recently suggested that we start doing more activities out of our comfort zone and suggested that we Hike the Y a few Saturday's back. I knew it was an uphill hike but didn't expect it to be as hard as it was. Daryl carried Zaden half of the way and I carried him in my sling the other half and all the way down. It was quite the workout for an amateur hiker and to say I was a sweaty mess afterwords would be an understatement (; 

Here are a few pictures from our little family adventure:


  1. Amazing photos! What a lovely family <3

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  2. I've only been hiking once in my life, but would love to try it again. What a beautiful view! xo

  3. Like the pictures! You guys are such a cute family! : )

  4. Could you guys be anymore precious?!

  5. Love that last picture!!! I so wish we lived somewhere we could go hiking.

  6. I am an avid hiker. I will do anything to go in nature in the sunshine! Love this. Glad you had fun :)