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Date Night: Shaved Ice

Since our move to Provo we have been doing a lot more walking as a family. For our date night a few weekends back we walked over to this delicious local restaurant to eat with a few of our friends. As you can probably tell in the photos above Zaden wanted to walk on his very own and was very happy for the first two blocks but we realized we wouldn't get there for hours if we walked at Zaden's pace so we had to put him in the stroller. He was also being a little grumpy since he was in need of a nap. He fell asleep within 5 minutes. 

After dinner, our friend Claire suggested we go get snow cones. I thought this was a great idea since I worked up quite the sweat speed walking to the restaurant. Hokulia Shave Ice on Canyon Road has the best snow cones.. so many different flavors and extra toppings. We ended up getting a mix of flavors and coconut ice cream underneath.. super delicious. Believe it or not the shaved ice pictured above is a small and was more than enough for the 3 of us. We will definitely be returning again soon.


  1. wow!!! rainbow shaved ice?! never seen that before, cool!!

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  2. Your skirt is so pretty! I just need a replica of everything in your wardrobe. We just went to get some shaved ice this weekend, too! Except on the east coast, they're weird and don't have sno cones. They call it water ice. I love some coconut flavor in my sno cone!!

  3. What a sweet family! I love your outing photos, they are just so happy :).



  4. You are such a cute mom! Those photos are beautiful. I love your kids big eyes!

  5. These pictures are adorable (seriously, you have a baby model on your hand!) I remember the days of fighting a child back into a stroller, it's always fun;)

  6. your little dude is so cute! also, i am so happy that you posted about hokulia, because i literally think it's the best shaved ice place around here.
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