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Before and After: Back

First of all, thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging comments on my last fitness post and for those of you who commented via other social media. I'm still working on putting a post together for my fitness journey so far but have been swamped with other posts and other obligations that have come up this month. I'm HOPING to have something together in July.

I completely cut out cardio from my routine back at the beginning of this month in hopes of making some serious muscle gains. Originally, I was hoping to stick to a high protein and healthy carb diet while doing this; but fell off course during weeks 2-3. This last week I did very well with my diet except for this weekend. We had Panda Express for our date night dinner on Saturday and yesterday I ate 1,500 calories in dessert alone which brought my total caloric intake to a whopping 3,000 calories! Something that I have learned throughout my fitness journey is you can have desserts and "cheat" meals every once in a while as long as you hop back into the groove the following day or meal.

For those of you who are wondering, I have been following Jamie Eason's Live Fit Program the last 4 weeks and plan on continuing the program throughout the rest of the Summer. I'm not following her diet plan since I don't do well with diets but have been pretty mindful with what I'm eating and trying to consume more protein than in the past. I've also added more healthy carbs because that is what I need in order to not get horrible headaches throughout the day. I will write out an example of what I usually eat on a good day in another post later this week (:

These results are from only doing 4 back workouts throughout the month, crazy right? Here is the link to what I did week 1 &2 and here is the link to what I did week 3 & 4.

I recommend doing a weight that is super difficult once you get to reps 8-12. By rep 11&12 you should feel like you want to quit (lol). Also on weeks 3&4 I held a 10 pound weight while doing my back extensions just to feel an extra burn (highly recommended)!


  1. You look great! I like suing big weights, too, though I hate it right when I'm doing it;) YOU are an inspiration!

  2. you go girl! xo

  3. The difference is amazing, you've clearly done very well this month! Keep up the good work! xx

  4. I do love a good back..(not in a stalkery way) but having a strong upper body makes the rest of your body look slimmer and feeling proud in a racer vest is a pretty good feeling!
    I also agree that is is okay to eat 1500 calories in desert every so often, I can't NOT do's best to human and enjoy the journey than be completely obsessed by the numbers! xo