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E-Shakti Discount Code & Floral Dress Review

Dress: c/o EShakti
Necklace: Cheerfully Charmed (love this)
Shoes: Shoe Carnival (sold out similar here & loving these)

How lovely is this dress from E-Shakti? It is one of my favorite dresses and fits me like a glove. This dress fits me so perfectly because I sent in my custom measurements and picked the length and style of the dress. Can you name another website that does all of that for only an additional $7.50?

One of my favorite features that E-Shakti offers that other retailers often don't is that you can customize anything on their site. Simply pick out a dress, top, or skirt you like and choose what you want added or subtracted. For example, this dress I customized originally comes sleeveless but I chose to add short sleeves to it. There were also many different length options and I chose for it to hit right at my knees.

I definitely recommend EShakti for anyone who has a special occasion coming up or if you are simply in the market for a perfect top, skirt, or dress that will fit YOU just right.

Use coupon code: dlces from 6/27-7/27 for 10% off your entire order.
Right now EShakti is having an awesome special, Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
Such a great opportunity to add some lovely items to your summer wardrobe.


  1. I love how classic and feminine this dress is, so ladylike and pretty!

  2. I loooooooove the retro print on this dress!

  3. Such a beautiful dress. It look amazing on you!

  4. I've never heard of a retailer offering customizations like that, what a cool site!

  5. That dress is gorgeous!! You are so beautiful!

  6. I'm reviewing an eShakti dress from my blog, and it arrived today. I LOVE IT! I really hope you're readers take advantage of your coupon code!

    P.S. YOU, my dear, ARE STUNNING. STUNNING!!!! :)

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