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Jamberry Nails StyleBox

I have always been a sucker for nail art and pretty nails and love pinning fun nail art on Pinterest. I wish I had the skills (and patience) to try some things out but I’m not artistic what-so-ever. However, being a busy mom-on-the-go, I just don’t make time to do my nails on most occasions. From time to time you will see my nails painted a fun color but that’s about as good as it gets (;

Here’s where Jamberry Nails comes in. Did you know that Jamberry offers over 300 different designs to fit your personal style? Jamberry vinyl wraps can last up to two weeks on your hands and up to a month on your toes. Since applying my Jamberry nails I’ve done the dishes twice, given Zaden two baths, and have showered and they haven’t even budged or peeled.

For the first time ever Jamberry Nails is offering a StyleBox that automatically delivers the tools for a beautiful manicure or pedicure to your doorstep every month!

Each StyleBox includes the following:

·  $30 worth of Jamberry Nails products: either 2 sheets of nail wraps (including 1 exclusive design) or 1 sheet of nail wraps and 1 coordinating shade of lacquer
·  Nail file and orangewood stick
·  Exclusive access to styling tips and videos on how to wear the month’s designs with classic, trendy and feminine ensembles

I was sent an August StyleBox to review and am absolutely in love with the monochrome radiant orchid colors in this upcoming months style box! The chevron print is an August StyleBox exclusive design and is seriously so cute on. I also LOVE the floral print, it’s so pretty and pictures don’t do it justice. I can’t wait to try it out.

As far as the application process goes it’s pretty straight forward. Everything is included in the StyleBox for a basic manicure/pedicure except alcohol wipes, heat source (I used a hair dryer), and scissors (not pictured, whoops). Applying the vinyl wraps has a bit of a learning curve to it but once I was done with my first hand I noticed I picked up the pace and did my right hand in about half the time!

Overall, I’m super satisfied with the August StyleBox and can’t wait to try some more Jamberry vinyl wraps in the future. You can subscribe for a StyleBox HERE starting at $25 + FREE SHIPPING.

PS: Jamberry is hosting a contest in which 1 winner's design will inspire a future StyleBox by Jamberry exclusive nail wrap AND they'll receive a free 1-year subscription. The contest runs from July 15-31. It's easy to enter in just 3 steps: 

Step 1: Draw It: Design a nail wrap that you want to see made into a reality!

Step 2: Style It: Style your design with a chic outfit (wear it; hang it; lay it out)

Step 3: Post It: Snap a pic and submit on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, tagging @JamberryNails and using the hashtag #StyleBoxContest

I would love to see one of my readers win! There are only a few more days to enter so start thinking of some fun designs and outfits to put together and enter by Thursday evening.


  1. Great job on the nails, they look very pretty.

  2. I love Jamberry! The best part is that you don't have to wait for them to dry and they don't chip!

  3. They look so good on! I can never make mine look normal, they always look taped on.

    1. talk to your consultant! We will help you :)

  4. I love jamberry! I've found that the ricebag technique is the easiest, quickest application method. You should check it out!

  5. They really go well with your skin tone!!


  6. I'm a consultant for Jamberry and I am head over heels with not just the product but the company too. The new StyleBox is going to be a huge hit. You did a great job with your nails! I'm just a wee bit jealous that you got to play with these wraps before I did! HA!!!!

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  8. I am a consultant for Jamberry and I never used to do my nails because it was so frustrating getting smudges 15 minutes after polishing. I was invited to an online party and was very intrigued with them. After doing lots of research I joined them and have pretty nails 24/7 now. If you would like a sample you can email me and I will be happy to send one out to you.

  9. The pictures are amazing. Thank you for this review.

  10. I stopped polishing my nails because every time I would wash the dishes, the polish chipped! It was too frustrating and on top of that, one hand always looked really nice but the other hand looked smudged because I am so left handed. I just got my first order of Jamberry nails in the mail today! I was so excited! I used the blow dryer method too. I love how easy it was to do BOTH hands and how they feel on my nails!! I have done the dishes and showered and you can't even tell. I think I may become a Jamberry addict! lol