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Papa Murphy's Pizza

I had the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes- look at our local Papa Murphy’s and make my own pizza to take home afterwards. I thought this would be a fun activity to take Daryl and Z to so we headed to the Springville, Utah location.

Upon arrival, we realized we came in during a small dinner rush but were greeted immediately. Once the lobby had cleared out we met with Lisa, the manager. She was so friendly and told me to head on over to the back room to get ready to make some pizzas. While walking around the back room I just noticed everything was so clean and organized. I have worked in the food industry prior to this experience and was just amazed with how tidy Lisa keeps the place. I put on an apron, tried fitting my top knot into a hat, washed my hands, put gloves on, and was anxious to start making my own pizza.

After watching Lisa and the other employees make a few pizzas, I thought it looked very simple and I had a pretty good idea of what I needed to do. However, spreading sauce is a lot harder than it looks… at least for me it was. I had the cheese down pretty good and toppings were a breeze. But man, I suck at cutting saran wrap and I’m sure if I would have made a few more pizzas I would have got it down!

Shortly afterwards, I started making our deLITE Chicken BaconArtichoke pizza. Zaden loved seeing me make the pizza and waving at me from the other side of the counter.  He even had an opportunity to join me on the other side of the counter. Although, Zaden didn’t personally help  me put any toppings on the pizza he did manage to flirt with all the female employees, haha.

Right before leaving, Lisa showed us these adorable MiniMurph personal size pizzas. You can buy one of these personal size pizza’s for $4 (each additional Mini Murph $3). I think that this would be a great toddler activity to let your little one get hands on in the kitchen and make n’ bake their own pizza. I’m thinking of buying a few of these for Zaden’s 2nd Birthday Party since it would be a fun activity for all the toddlers to do together and a cheap way to feed them. What kid doesn't love pizza?

Something that I love about Papa Murphy’s is that they cater to you. If you are a busy mom on the go and don’t feel like cooking a home cooked meal Papa Murphy’s is a great option for dinner. If you are short on time, you can order online and have your pizza ready to pick up right when you get to the store.

Papa Murphy’s always has coupons. You can find them online, in your local newspaper, and you get bounce back coupons with every pizza you purchase. If you complete an online or phone survey within 3 days of your purchase you can get a free tub of their cookie dough and have a free dessert to go with your next meal.

August 25-August 29 is Customer Appreciation week at Papa Murphy’s. In honor of customer appreciation week the promotion is for every family size pizza you buy, you get a free Faves pizza. There is no limit on this offer and tomorrow (8/29/14) is the last chance you can take advantage of this promo. I seriously wish we were having all of our friends over Saturday night instead of Sunday night so we could jump on this offer. However, we are still planning on heading over to Papa Murphy’s Saturday night and buying a couple of pizzas and sides for our get together.

Once we got home Zaden couldn't wait to put the pizza in the oven. He helped me push the buttons on the oven as we pre-heated it. Once the oven beeped, Zaden ran over to get me in the other room and insisted on putting the pizza in the oven himself.  While in Daryl’s arms I opened the oven and put the pizza half way on the rack while Daryl pushed it the rest of the way in while Z anxiously watched.

Every 5 minutes or so Zaden would grab my hand and have me turn on the oven light so we could check on the pizza. Once our pizza was done Daryl put some oven mittens on Zaden so he could help us take it out. Daryl took out the pizza while holding Z back with the other hand until the oven door was shut and then told Z to help him move it over to the table.

Zaden hurried over to his high chair and all I kept hearing him say was “MMMMMM!!” while we were strapping him in. As we brought the pizza close up to his face you could see all the excitement in his eyes as he had been anticipating this bite ever since we walked out of the store with our pizza.

We highly recommend the deLITE Chicken Bacon Artichoke pizza. It was a hit and didn't make me feel overstuffed since it comes on a thinner crispier crust.

Remember to take advantage of Papa Murphy’s customer appreciation promo: Buy any Family Size pizza get one Faves pizza FREE! Valid now through tomorrow night.

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