Zaden at 21 months | Dearest Lou

Zaden at 21 months

Although Z is three months shy of his 2nd birthday, he still fits into 6-12 month shorts and 12-18 month tops. In time he will finally grow into size 2T but I don't mind him staying small just a while longer. He is totally rocking the big t-shirt look (; 

Gap Skinny Jeans (similar skinny jeans)
Nike Hi-Tops (loving these Nikes)

At 21 months Zaden.. extremely active and would roughhouse 24/7 if I was up for it. very demanding and knows what he wants and when he wants it. getting closer and closer to really talking. Daryl and I think it could be any day now that he just starts putting the words he knows into sentences.
..loves the Buddies and Despicable Me Minions and will choose a Buddies movie or one of the Despicable Me movies over anything.

His favorite toys are..

..Legos. He builds the most amazing little buildings and cars out of his Legos. Most of the time Z is always on the go but he can sit and play with Legos for a very long time before getting bored.
..Playmobil figures. His absolute favorites are the vintage horses his Grandma Yita got him. He excalims, "Neeeeigh" as these horses go on many tretourous journeys around our small apartment. Jumping from the highest cliffs to taking an occasional dip in the tub, you name it these horses go just about everywhere. 
..trains. I love watching him line up his train and exclaim, “CHOO-CHOO!” as his trains fall off the TV stand. He also builds the coolest train track courses I've ever seen.
..balls. What little kid doesn't love balls? We play numerous different games from catch to me pretending I'm getting knocked out by the ball as he throws it at me over and over again. This cheap toy is easily one of his favorites.  

My favorite thing about Z at this age.. that he is a mama’s boy and will smother me with kisses and cuddles from the time he wakes up until he falls asleep. 


  1. He has grown up so fast... So cute!! Those big brown eyes are charming :)

    And he is going to be a fashion icon with these looks, its very cool!


  2. HE IS SO CUTE! I remember when you were pregnant and when he born and now he is so grown up!
    times goes so fast!


  3. He is so cute! I am loving his shoes!!!