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How To Clean And Deodorize Your Mattress

One household task that I rarely get around to is deep cleaning our mattress. I always do a quick swipe when I change the bed sheets but have never thought of really getting down in there and giving it a real good clean. I feel for the most part we are very tidy and rarely eat in bed other than the occasional snacks during a family movie.

Today I have Jennifer Cartwright, a caring housewife who loves her two playful and bright children dearly. She has always been fascinated with technology and how it has made things a lot easier for housewives like her. She also writes informative as well as though-provoking articles about her life being a mom.

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A good quality bed is a useful furniture piece for any home and these come in a variety of sizes. A single mattress is essential if you want to achieve a sound and comfortable sleep and these are a good choice for lone adults, teenagers, and younger kids. It is important to keep it clean and the following are a few tips that will help in doing this.
General Cleaning
First strip a bed of covers and use a standard vacuum cleaner to go over the surface. This should pick up any loose material such as dust, food crumbs, dust mites, skin flakes, and other debris. These can start to build up over time, so cleaning is vital to remove them. Use an upholstery attachment for the best results and clean both sides of the mattress as well as the base it sits on.
Spot Cleaning
Sweat, other bodily fluids, and food spills can all seep through bedcovers to stain the surface and it is best to deal with any obvious problems straight away. Remove the covers and blot the area of the stain with a damp cloth to try and remove it. Keeping a bottle of stain remover handy can also help as using these can more effectively get rid of unsightly marks.
While it is possible to remove dirt and other debris by vacuuming and spot cleaning, this might not effectively deal with any odors. However, there is a simple way to do this. Baking soda is easily available to buy and this is a useful natural deodorizing agent. Simply sprinkle over the surface and let it sit for at least an hour before vacuuming away. It can also be useful to air a mattress and taking it outside into the sunshine can also help to rid it of smells.
A soft and luxurious single mattress should ensure a good night’s rest and can be an excellent choice for many people. Cleaning it regularly is the key to keeping it in good condition and hygienic for use. The tips above are some to consider for this household task and will ensure that going to bed each evening is something you can look forward to.

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