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Zaden & The Alligator Costume

This little guy is such a character I tell you. Just look at his cheesy grin. Just Pretend Kids sent us this adorable alligator costume and we have too much fun with it during play time (; We got size 1-2T and it literally drowned Zaden. My talented mama took it in several inches on both the arms and legs and it now fits him perfectly. 

It's so difficult to get Zaden to stand still so I wasn't able to capture a clear full body shot of the costume since we were in mid-play mode during this quick little photo session.

The photo above was taken 2 seconds after the first photo. Zaden doesn't like to wear the hat portion of the costume because when we play we usually play that the alligator hat is the monster and Zaden is the other monster and they attack each other (if that makes any sense). Zaden chooses when he wants to wear it as a costume or play. 

On this particular day he wouldn't keep the hat on for more than a few seconds.

The photo above is the best photo that I could get of us playing the monster game. 
I would hold the mask up to Zaden and Z would hide. 
Notice in the first photo his hand is covering his face. 
Then the monster would ROAR! 
Zaden would then throw his hands up in the air and get super excited!

Pictured above are clear shots of him hiding and getting excited.

He loves figuring things out and once he figured out how to take the hat alligator hat on and off it quickly became a game. 
His face in the last photo kills me.. to dang cute.

Another game is putting the alligator mask to sleep and he he whispers, "Mama, SHHHHH!"

I love this happy boy so much <3

Just Pretend Kids is offering 25% off your entire purchase from their store with coupon code: BLOG80 valid through 12/31/14.

This would be a great opportunity to get a little one in your life a costume for playing or for trick-or-treating next month.


  1. These are so adorable! He looks like he's having so much fun!

  2. He is seriously so cute! I love that little things can entertain kids for so long in so many different ways! Our kids are just at such a fun age!! :]