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That's Bananas

Boy's Speedees-Drifters in Charcoal/Orange c/o SKECHERS
Crazy 8 That's Bananas Shirt gift from Aunt Tiana

Our favorite time of day is the golden hour before the sun sets. We spend nearly every evening at the park playing in the sand, going down slides, and having Zaden lead me through the playground. I can't believe this guy will be turning two next month, time has flown by.

SKECHERS recently sent us these adorable orange and charcoal tennis shoes to style and review. I absolutely love the vibrant orange color, makes Zaden easy to spot when playing at the park. These shoes are easy to put on which is a lifesaver when I'm hurrying with Z out the door. They are also 100% machine washable which I think is an awesome feature since winter is coming up and they are bound to get a little bit dirty (;

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  1. TWO! He looks like a real boy here, and not so babyish anymore…and when did THAT happen?!