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Zaden's First Haircut

My little Zaden got his first haircut just last week. Zaden had so much fun playing on the indoor playground (loved that they had this, made waiting for our turn so much easier), looking at all the bright decorations, and there was even Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing on the tv to keep him distracted during his haircut.

He did such a good job staying still and just enjoying the overall experience. He got a balloon and lollipop after his haircut and didn't want to leave. I mean who would, there are balloons, kids, candy, a play area, and bright colorful colors (; He's the most social little guy I know and just loves interacting and playing with others.

I can't get over how grown up he looks with his new hair. Although I loved his messy mullet, his new hair suits him so well <3

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  1. Wow he's such a cutie! How old is he now? :)