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6 Steps for Toddler Party Planning

For the past few days my sister and I have been busy planning final details for Zaden’s second birthday party tomorrow.  This year we wanted to keep it simple, small, and fun for the little ones.  I have come up with a small to-do list to make the process easier for those of you who may be in the same boat.

6 Steps For Toddler Party Planning

Step 1- Decide on a Theme

Zaden loves Despicable Me Minions and my mama and sister had previously purchased some Minion party supplies on super sale last year when they stopped carrying it at our local Walmart. This made making a decision on a party theme super easy this year. I can’t wait for Zaden to tell me what kind of party he wants to have next year.

Step 2- Make a Guest List, Establish a RSVP Date, & Mail Invites

I wanted to keep our party small this year and only invite Zaden’s closest friends and their parents to our party.  For a toddlers birthday party I personally suggest not inviting a ton of people because it will be crazy as is with several little ones running around unless you have a huge venue and tons of cash to drop on the party (;

Step 3- Purchase and Send Invitations

There’s something special about receiving an actual invite versus a Facebook or electronic invitation to an event.  My favorite card company is Tiny Prints. They have the cutest cards and always have fantastic promotions going on. I personally loved the cake cutout party invite design it was cute and a little bit funky.  I suggest mailing out invites 2 weeks in advance so your guests have plenty of time to make arrangements to be there.

Step 4- Plan Games and Activities

Something I feel is important for a children’s birthday party is fun games and activities to make this event memorable and fun for the little ones. It’s important to not overdo it especially since games and activities are bound to take longer with little ones. Some of the games we have planned for tomorrow afternoon is a homemade piñata, place the pocket on the minion, bowling, and having the kids decorate their own mini murph pizzas to eat.  We also have cute party favors planned out for Zaden’s friends.

Step 5- Food

Decide on whether you want to serve an entire meal, snacks, or desserts. Depending on what you are serving plan you party around that time. We are hosting our party in the late afternoon since the kids will all be rested and ready to eat lunch and cake shortly after arrival.

Step 6- Decorations

When it comes to decorating I say keep it simple and fun. Make your theme known and make a list of items you already have or things you will need to purchase before shopping. I love going to Hobby Lobby and taking advantage of their 40% off a single item coupon. I have made a few trips and have gotten that deal on some of the larger more pricey items to bring total party cost down.

Remember to have fun and if something doesn't go as planned to not stress about it. 
Happy party planning!


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