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Boho-Chic with Lulu*s

Long Sleeve Floral Dress c/o Lulu*s
Silver Harness Bracelet c/o Lulu*s
Gypsy Silver Statement Necklace c/o Lulu*s
Polka Dot Tights c/o Hanes
Tall Moto Hunter Boots
Photos by: Roxana B. Photography

Loving this long sleeve floral dress from Lulu*s the pattern and colors are perfect for any season of the year. In order to make it look more like a fall instead of end of summer dress I paired it with these adorable tights from Hanes Hosiery (last worn here). When looking through my wardrobe I found it interesting that both the floral design and polka dots were the exact same colors (how could I not style them together). I have had these Hunter Boots since the end of summer and they are now finally making their debut on the blog. I absolutely love the matte finish on these boots and the buckles are different from your everyday glossy Hunter boots (:

Lulu*s also sent me these gorgeous and unique accessories to style. I love the bohemian feel these accessories add to any outfit. The necklace is absolutely stunning and the bracelet is such a unique piece. I promise this won't be the last you see of these accessories on here.


  1. Dang girl you look stunning and your makeup is PERFECTION!

  2. Cici, you look STUNNING in these photos!! :)

  3. Love this whole look, and how the tights set if all off PERFECTLY!