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Games For Motion Chocolate Games.. YUM!

In an age where technology is used for just about everything it's nice to disconnect every once in a while and make memories by playing good ol' fashion cards or board games. This holiday season, Games For Motion is releasing unique chocolate editions of family favorite games. For our game night this last weekend, we had a few of our friends over for a couples date night and played chocolate edition Scrabble and Candyland.

Compared to the games they are based on, all chocolate edition games are simplified and shorter. In my opinion it's more like buying chocolate that you can play a game with before eating. The board itself is a poster and there were 33 pieces of chocolate in each of the games we played. 

Wondering what the chocolate tastes like? Immediately after having a piece of chocolate it reminded me of the chocolate they sell in Christmas chocolate advent calendars. I wouldn't claim it's the "finest Belgian chocolate" but you definitely get what you paid for. However, any chocolate is delicious when you are craving chocolate (;

Chocolate edition games will be available nationwide just in time for the holiday season with retail prices starting at only $9.99. These would be great stocking stuffers, short and fun games to play on Thanksgiving or Christmas, or a great activity for kids on a snowy day.

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