Halloween 2014 Part 1 | Dearest Lou

Halloween 2014 Part 1

A week prior to Halloween, our dear friends the Breinholts joined us for some trick-or-treating at my grandpa's elderly home. It was so much fun and so cute seeing our little ones dressed up together. Zaden's eyes lit up as soon as he saw his little friends join us in the parking lot for a quick mandatory photo session (;

Something I completely forgot about elderly homes is how warm they are. I layered Zaden up in warm clothes under his costume thinking he would be cold (oops). We had so much fun going apartment to apartment and Natalie's comments were priceless. My favorite one that she kept on saying throughout the evening was, "This is the BEST HALLOWEEN E V E R".


  1. i love these pictures. seriously, so much <3

  2. Pretty, pretty pics. Are all the costumes homemade? They are adorable.

  3. I'm dying from all the cuteness D: