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#WBW: Hobbits of The Shire

#WayBackWednesday to Halloween 2012 when I was a 36 week pregnant Hobbit (;

I know the movie came out yesterday but we are seeing it TONIGHT.

So excited.


  1. This. Is amazing. I hope the movie was great. I looooove LOTR and the Hobbit Movies. I really want to read them someday... but I have done the worst job of reading recently. Hope the movie was great! Hoping to go see it this weekend!

    Thinking of all of the momma bloggers I know today. I posted a giveaway for a signed copy of Brooke White's new album 'never grow up' on my blog late last night. Better still the album is for charity and is raising money for OUR - a group that physically rescues children from sexual slavery. Such an awesome cause. Check out my post and see if it speaks to your heart. :)

    XO -Alexandra

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