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Z's 2nd Birthday: Despicable Me Minion Party

I'm finally getting around to posting about Zaden's 2nd birthday party. Overall, the afternoon was a big success. I wanted to throw a very small intimate party with Zaden's closest friends. Since my husband and I live in a tiny apartment my parents were more than happy to provide their home for the party location.

First I want to talk about the decorations, party favors, and delicious food.

We kept the decorations very simple like I mentioned here on my 6 steps for planning a toddler birthday party. All of the decorations were purchased at the dollar store and I just stuck with the minion colors for streamers, balloons, and table cloths.

For the party bags I wanted to give the kids something that they would have fun with. Each bag included the following:
  • 1 bouncy ball
  • play doh
  • bubbles
  • a glo stick
  • a giant lollipop 
  • stickers
  • homemade minion hat
  • every child also went home with a balloon (:
All party favor bag items were purchased at zurchers, the dollar store, and I made the custom "you are one in a minion" and "zaden's 2nd birthday" stickers over at Tiny Prints using this premade sticker template (they have so many cute stickers to choose from).

Now let's talk about the food. 

Some of you may know that my younger sister Tiana worked over at a local popcorn shop for most of her high school years. I knew I definitely wanted to have blue and yellow popcorn as a treat for people to snack on throughout the party. Roosters Gourment Popcorn was definitely the perfect choice. We chose lemonade and blue raspberry popcorn and it was a big hit.

You also might remember me mentioning here that Papa Murphy's Mini Murph personal pizzas would make a great activity for a children's party. I knew I wanted to have the kids make their own pizzas and add their own personal touches to their lunch. The kids had so much fun with this and might I add that for pepperoni pizza these mini murphs were divine I also served the parents the deLITE Chicken and Artichoke pizza (mine and Daryl's personal favorite) and the Angus Steak and Garlic Pizza. Daryl and I eat Papa Murphy's usually 2-3 month and we always get the best deals since I joined their text club. You can sign up to by texting PAPA to 91011. Our last special we received and used was $4 off a family size pizza.

I wanted to share a few party photos. To give you a little back ground information it is so hard to host a party and take photos. Tiana took as many photos as she could but we had a bit of a scare during the first 10 minutes of the party. You see, Zaden was having so much fun running around and having all of his closest friends in one place and accidentally tripped on one of his toys and landed right on his lip on the bottom of one of the stairs. He ended up bleeding for almost an hour straight and was crying so hard for the first 30 minutes. I honestly thought we were going to have to make a trip to the ER. Luckily, he is a little trooper and no stitches were needed. He just had a swollen lip the rest of the day and it literally healed up over night.

For the party game agenda we had the kids play:

  • Pin the tag on the minion (didn't get photos of this since it happened while Z was crying)
  • Bowling
  • Decorate Mini Murph Pizzas
  • Free time where we let the kids run wild with all the balloons my husband and I blew up
  • Pizza/Cake
  • A pinata
  • Opening presents
We got the pin the tag on the minion game at zurchers for $2 and the kids loved it. My sister bought Zaden a bowling set and the kids loved playing that as well. Like I mentioned above the decorating Mini Murph pizzas turned out to be a great success. Eating pizza and singing happy birthday and eating cake is always fun too. I just purchased a simple minion cake over at Walmart. 

The pinata needs it's own paragraph. My talented little sister MADE that pinata. She is seriously so talented and was such a big help with planning and helping me pay for the party. I'm forever grateful for having such an awesome sister/best friend who is always there to help me out. The kids LOVED the pinata and she did a great job making it because they couldn't get it open so Daryl ended up breaking it up a little so they could get to the candy. The candy was actually left over Halloween candy that I never got to use since the area I live in Provo gets ZERO trick-or-treaters.. crazy right?

After all the kids gathered up their candy everyone said good bye shortly afterwards and that was it.

If you are throwing a toddler birthday party or despicable me party I hope you have been able to draw a little inspiration from ours. 


  1. Oh my goodness. I love Despicable Me and I love this party! Pinning this for future reference :)

  2. How precious is this theme! He's gonna be such a lady killer :)

  3. This is awesome! The mini Murph is such a great idea for a bday party! :)