Tribal Print Top & Black A-Line Midi Skirt | Dearest Lou

Tribal Print Top & Black A-Line Midi Skirt

Layered Gold Necklaces c/o Trendy Touch
Loopsway Tribal Print Shirt
Walk in Paris Pleat Skirt c/o Lucy and Lyla
Target Studded Booties
MAC Taupe Lipstick

Today's outfit features this black a-line skirt from Lucy and Lyla, these gorgeous gold layered necklaces from Trendy Touch, and this trendy tribal top from Loopsway.

Let's start by talking about this skirt. If you have been reading around here for a while now you may remember my St. Patricks day outfit last year that featured a skirt very similar to this from Choies. Unfortunately at the time Choies carried only a "one size fits all" and the waist measurement was way too snug on me. Seriously though it was quite the workout getting the skirt to fasten for that outfit, ha. That green skirt sat in my dresser untouched for almost a year before I sold it during the blogger closet sale I participated in last month.

Lucy and Lyla were also at the blogger closet/small shop sale and I went over to check their boutique towards the end of the sale. I found this skirt and instantly knew I had to have it, it was in my size and fit perfectly! I really love this skirt, the quality is amazing and I love it even more than the green skirt since black goes with everything. If you are looking for a poofy skirt go check out Lucy and Lyla they have an assortment of fabulous colors.

These gold necklaces I'm wearing are from a local instagram boutique, Trendy Touch. Trendy Touch is ran by Tiffany Radcliffe in Salt Lake City, Utah. All of the jewelry/accessory sets she sells via her instagram boutique are priced under $10. If you are like me and love having a variety of fashion necklaces and accessories definitely check her out. She also sends things off very quickly and she even gifted me some additional items along with the necklaces which was very sweet. Be sure to check out my instagram account tonight at 5PM MST for a giveaway from Trendy Touch.


  1. Great look! I like how you've styled the skirt with some boots. It's a look I really love! I need to find out if there are some blogger closet sales in my area!

  2. You can never go wrong with a classic a-line skirt - it's so beautiful and flattering on your figure! The pattern on the top and the chunky jewelery are all such nice touches too :)

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket