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Incorporating Vintage Styles Into Your Wardrobe

When it comes to fashion I'm naturally drawn to minimalistic items with a trendy piece or two thrown in or classic vintage 40's-50's era fashion. Back when I started my blog I incorporated a lot more thrifted vintage pieces into my wardrobe and it's something I would like to start doing once again. 

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An online store that I have recently found many stunning vintage fashion styles from is Stop Staring. I have created a collage with a few of my favorite pieces above. Isn't dress #2 perfect? I would wear that in a heart beat.

Vintage is the New Modern

If you want to look on trend, then you might want to start incorporating vintage styles into your wardrobe. Many of today’s designers are incorporating vintage trends into their collections, and people everywhere love it. These styles offer a feminine twist to traditional clothing, and there are several great accessories that you can pair with them.

Choosing the Right Style for You

Since there are a lot of different vintage pieces, it is a good idea to select ones that are right for you. Some styles are more conservative. For example, the two-piece jacket ensemble is a great vintage option for many women who prefer clothing that is a little more understated. On the other hand, mod vintage styles tend to be appealing with women who like to stand out with their fashion choices. There are also several vintage pieces in between, so you can find something in the middle if you prefer.

Coordinating Vintage Fashion

Although you do not have to own a closet full of vintage pieces, it is a good idea to coordinate this look with the right accessories. You can even style your hair to match what you are wearing. This will help you complete the look, and it will allow you to appear more on trend.

Check out this infographic by Stop Staring! on vintage fashion. You will love seeing all of the old styles that have made a comeback today.

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