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Polette E-Ferguson Glasses

E-Ferguson Glasses c/o Polette

Do you spend large amounts of time on your computer? If so, I have a revolutionary product to introduce you to today. These nifty glasses aren't your ordinary trendy non-prescription glasses. These spectacles protect my eyes when having excessive screen time. How neat is that?

Now that I'm taking my photography a bit more seriously I have 2x more editing and computer time. Which lets face it, photographers and bloggers spend A LOT of free time on the computer. Most of my time spent on the computer is during the wee hours of the night or in the morning while Zaden is still asleep. Having a bright screen in my face in a dark room definitely puts strain on my eyes.

Polette carries a special series of glasses, e-polette. e-polette lenses protect your eyes from the artificial light and blue rays coming from screens. If you find yourself on the computer for long periods of time I highly recommend getting a pair of these. They run at only $39.99 (non-prescription price) and come in a variety of colors and styles.

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