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Finding Quality Cashmere Fashion Pieces: What to Look For

Sophie White is a fashion blogger based in Australia. She has a keen eye for the latest in fashion, hairstyles, shoes and more, dedicating her time to everything about the fashion world.  With her passion for quality and elegant style, she leads the online marketing campaign for White + Warren, a knitwear brand in New York.

Cashmere is an all-round season fashion essential. It’s cozy, it’s elegantly stylish and it’s a luxury item, what’s not to like? People around the world are fond of this highly sought-after material, buying different clothes made of cashmere to relish that comfy feel.

Because of its price tag, people want to be sure that they are buying the right kind of cashmere. There are certain ways to make sure of this. Looking for the perfect cashmere fashion piece just for you? Then here are a few things you must keep in mind in your search.

What’s in your cashmere? Check the label.

Checking the label of your chosen item is the first step. Look for clothes that are made of pure cashmere, where possible. You can also go for items that are made of a cashmere-merino mix, but be sure to avoid acrylic blends. This is because man-made acrylic fiber is not breathable and tends to obstruct cashmere’s natural temperature insulation capabilities.

Feel your cashmere and do this little test

Gather the cashmere material and feel it with your fingers. Then, crinkle the fabric between the thumb and forefinger and observe what happens. High grade cashmere will not wrinkle when you do this test. Instead, it will immediately bounce back to its original, smooth form after you release it.

Brush the cashmere across your cheek

Your face is a highly sensitive part of your body and can easily detect itchy or irritating elements. Brush the cashmere material across your cheek and see if you feel any itching or irritation. Quality cashmere should feel soft and smooth, and any negative reaction means the cashmere you are holding is of substandard quality.

Checking the fabric’s ply

When it comes to cashmere, the thickness of the fabric is something you should pay attention to. When buying cashmere, it’s best to look for items that are at least made of a two-ply knit. This type of ply is thicker and consequently, warmer and more resilient. To check for this, place your hand inside the garment and see if your hand shows through. If it does, then it’s probably made of a single ply, which means it’s too thin and not very ideal.

The demand for cashmere

Cashmere has been transformed into an in-demand, commercial material, despite its often high price tag. Due to the high level of demand, there are now industrial-scale productions of cashmere. The increase in production also means that there has been some decrease in the prices. This means that cashmere, in the modern world, while still a luxury item, is now a really affordable and easily accessible

These days, with cashmere in such high demand, people are looking for bargains where they can find them. While this is a very good thing, the quality of the cashmere must always be checked so that you’ll have the value of your money. Use these simple and easy guidelines the next time you’re looking for that fabulous cashmere garment you’ve been yearning for.

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