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Keeping my Shoes Fresh with Solemates Products

Pictures by: Carolina Lindsay Photography

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Hey friends,

For today's post I have an awesome review on some shoe care products from Solemates. I tested three of the products I was sent in a cute care package and am very impressed with the overall results. Carolina did a fantastic job photographing both the outfit and me using these three products for the first time.

Shoe Buff $10
At first I was a bit skeptical about this product and wasn't sure it was really going to shine my shoes. However, I noticed an immediate difference after just one stroke (see a few photos above for a buffed shoe versus a non-buffed shoe.. crazy right). This buff works wonders and made my booties look just as good if not better than the day I bought them. For $10 this product is a steal and I highly recommend it for shining any dull shoes you have in your closet (;

Shoe Freshener $10
Oh man, this stuff smells delicious! To be completely honest these shoes didn't have any weird odors prior to using this product but it did make them smell fresh and new. Some of my cheaper older shoes that do have that not-so pleasant smell have had a few sprays of this bad boy. Oh and did I mention that this stuff eliminates bacteria and helps reduce sweaty feet?? Amazing and totally affordable.

Leather Protector $10
These shoes aren't on the cheap end so I figured I would give them a few sprays of Solemates Leather Protector. There's no reason to spend a lot or little money on something and have rain, snow, and salt ruin your shoes and bags in the winter. This protector can even be used on suede, my suede shoes definitely take a hit in the winter and I'm hoping this stuff will help protect them so I feel confident that my shoes won't get ruined. I've sprayed this on all of my winter boots/booties and all the new shoes I've recently purchased and still have product to spray. Definitely worth $10.

Solemates and I have teamed up and we are giving away one lucky follower a shoe care package (the three products I reviewed above, blister blocker, and a set of single high heeler in clear) on Instagram. All you need to do is follow both myself (@ceciliaharvard) and Solemates (@thesolemates) and use hashtag #wellheeled to show us a pair of heels or booties that need some shoe care lovin'. Giveaway is running until 10/15 so you still have time to enter.

I will showcase a look later this month featuring the high heeler and blister blocker (;

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