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Trendy Tops and Shapewear Denim

Hooray for the weekend! I'm so excited to share today's post with you guys, I have teamed up with Sandy (Sandy a la Mode), Chelsey (Housewife 2 Hostess), and Camille (My Mommy Style) to style different outfits featuring tops from Lilac Clothing and shapewear denim from Tummy Trimmer Denim. Haley Nord was our talented photographer and she captured us so well, it's always more fun to shoot with friends than by yourself (;

I love that all of our looks are so versatile and perfect for the fall season ahead. It's still a bit warm here in Utah and I would totally be lying if I said I wasn't sweating bullets during this shoot lol. First I want to take a moment to talk about these tops from Lilac Clothing. I love that Lilac Clothing carries tops that work during pregnancy and postpartum. I have mentioned here on the blog before that I LOVE longer tops and this Lucy Top will be perfect next time I'm expecting (not preggo at the moment ha).

I'm not a big fan of jeans, especially when they are low cut (mama belly worst nightmare)! Tummy Trimmer Denim provides jeans that smooth, trim, and contour a women's midsection. Picture shapewear already attached to your jeans without the extra layering and bunching, it's a win-win I tell you. My lower abdominal pudge is definitely stubborn but I'm working hard everyday to aim for that six-pack my girl Fati has (; However, with these jeans (I even tried boyfriend cut, which I've never done before!) I feel very confident, feminine, and it really embraces my postpartum curvier figure.

Be sure to check out Lilac Clothing and Tummy Trimmer Denim for all of your pregnancy and postpartum clothing needs.

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Pictures by: Haley Nord Photography

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